10 Budget-Friendly Mirrors That Will Make Your Space Look Expensive

Mirrors are an absolute must when it comes to decorating. Not only do they make your space look bigger and brighter while adding some stylish flair to your walls, they give your interior an instant style boost too. And these budget-friendly options won’t break the bank, but they will transform your home.

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Boho Shapes

If boho vibes are what you’re after, look no further than this simple, wood option. Its large size is enough to make a stylish impact, but will still seamlessly blend in with your existing decor. Hang these neutral pyramid-shaped mirrors either on their own or grouped with other wall decor to create a striking gallery wall. Try pairing these with macrame accents and lush green plants to make them really come to life in any space.

$19-$39; urbanoutfitters.com

Ornamental Accent

Traditional mirrors don’t come cheap, but there are ways to achieve a classic aesthetic while maintaining a reasonable budget. The shape, brass finish and olive leaf accent on this mirror will no doubt make it a main focal point in any room. Looking to really make this option pop? Style it against a wall that’s sporting a bold color or patterned wallpaper.

$58; anthropologie.com

Ultimate Accessories

Just like fashion accessories, home decor goes a long way when done right. This set features three diamond-shaped mirrors that are suspended on copper chains to dramatic effect. No matter where these are showcased within your home, their dainty, modern qualities won’t be overlooked.

$40; umbra.com

Art Deco-Inspired

Get the vintage-inspired look you’re after with this brushed, silver beauty. While this stunner may look decades old, it’s actually a brand new option that’s ready to be installed on any blank wall. Its unique shape speaks for itself, so leave this elegant number on its own to make a chic, yet understated, statement.

$31.90; nordstrom.com

Trendy Sunburst

Trends tend to go as quickly as they come, so it’s better stick to budget-friendly options if you’re looking to add a piece that’s super of-the-moment. Sunburst mirrors shine in any room that they’re styled in, from small bathrooms to master suites. Pick up one of these and let it act as a true statement piece by displaying it front and center. While the mirror itself is on the smaller side, the gold spokes and braided accents turn this choice into a swoon-worthy addition.

$24.95; pier1.com

Playful Pieces

More often than not mirrors are round or rectangular, so when we came across this square option we couldn’t help but obsess. While the shape and finish were enough to sell us, the ornamental pieces hanging from the bottom of the frame added an unexpected element that’s impossible to ignore. Hang this over a bar cart, above a dresser or in your foyer to add a sense of levity and fun to the space.

$34.99; target.com

Farmhouse Vibes

Farmhouse style is going strong and a decorative mirror like this one is the perfection addition to any home rocking this rustic trend. The antiqued detailing makes it ideal for any living space, bedroom or bathroom — so feel free to place it where you feel it would work best. Whether your home is already filled to the brim with similarly styled pieced or not, this mirror with be the perfect piece to take those country vibes to the next level.

$28.43; homedepot.com

Dainty Diamond

This Hollywood Regency-inspired mirror will do wonders for any lackluster wall that’s desperate for a little update. Its diamond shape makes it perfect for any small corner that’s generally hard to decorate, while its gold finish will turn it into an immediately eye-catching statement piece.

$24.99; hm.com

Fashionable Flair

Both minimalistic and glamorous, this round mirror isn’t your standard find. The round shape may seem basic, but is taken to the next level thanks to the detailing around its edges. If you find yourself envying magazine-worthy interiors, we’re confident this mirror is the missing piece that will revamp your interior. Low in cost, high on style? Don’t mind if we do.

$39.99; wayfair.com

Chic Simplicity

Incorporate pieces like this convex, white, raised mirror to get the the sweetest style within your own space. Whether you want a sophisticated Parisian look or something strong on seaside vibes, this wall decor will most definitely help you reach your design goals. Create a jaw-dropping monochromatic room by pairing it with a pure white wall and nothing else. We guarantee your walls will look chicer than ever.

$39.90; zarahome.com

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