20 Buys to Bring Globetrotting Style to Your Home

Give your spaces a dash of international flavor with our collection of shoppable treasures from all over the world.

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Pop of Color

With apologies to that quilt you once made out of T-shirts, this is the coolest repurposed clothing piece we’ve seen in a long time. Artisans in Bangladesh wash discarded sari fabric, turn it into twine, then weave that twine in one-of-a-kind patterns on midcentury-inspired frames to create old-yet-utterly-new accent pieces. BUY IT: Ten Thousand Villages, $295

Something Blue

Reimagine plain white dinnerware (or a china pattern that’s gone a bit stale) by mixing in a few hand-painted Mexican dinner plates. Your great aunt’s ancient English porcelain will look much cooler as part of an international assortment, we promise. BUY IT: Pottery Barn, $56 for 4

Clever Kilim

This graphic black-and-white pouf is secretly green: Made in India with polyester thread woven from recycled plastic bottles, it’s both eco-friendly and sturdy enough (thanks to that upcycled material) to do double duty outside. BUY IT: World Market, $120

Mediterranean Must-Haves

Spanish cooks have reached for terra cotta cazuelas — diminutive dishes that are just the right size for tapas and recipe ingredients — for centuries. These hand-painted pieces come from a village at the foot of the Pyrenees that has produced cookware since Roman times — how’s that for history? BUY IT: La Tienda, $35 for 4

Advanced Geometry

This showstopping centerpiece is crafted with care in Rwanda, where artisans hand-weave it with sisal and local sweetgrass and add embellishment with hand-dyed fibers. A treat for you is a community-builder for them, as all profits from these beautiful baskets fund educational programs for the women who create them. BUY IT: Shop Latitude, $60

Star of Wonder

In 19th-century Germany, Moravian stars like this one were popular as Christmas decorations. In the 21st century, their sleek mercury-glass descendants twinkle from the ceiling all year long. BUY IT: Ballard Designs, $229

Cool Kantha

Inspired by sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman’s time in coastal Maine and executed with traditional mud-resist block printing and hand-stitching by their artisan partners in Bagru and rural Rajasthan, India, this quilt is a labor of love by families on two continents — and the perfect excuse to curl up and dream of travel. BUY IT: Block Shop, $250

Indoor Rainbows

Are you ready for farm-to-party decor? These festive pom-poms are much more than meets the eye: A seven-woman artisan group in Chiapas, Mexico raises sheep, harvests their wool, then dyes and hand-weaves that wool into Pinterest-perfect garlands using traditional Mayan techniques. BUY IT: The Little Market, $18 and up

Turkish Delight

Hand-loomed in Istanbul with 30% linen and 70% raw cotton fibers, this ultra-light peshtemal (or traditional Turkish towel) soaks up moisture like a champ but weighs just eight ounces. It’s a one-of-a-kind reminder of luxurious Eastern baths, and an awfully handy travel accessory for wherever you decide to go next. BUY IT: The Loomia via Etsy, $39

Enchanting Lamps

Who knew recycled metal could be so glamorous? Artisans in Morocco create these curvaceous pendants with traditional techniques and designs, and each one is unique. BUY IT: VivaTerra, $199 and up

A Sip From the Souk

Brewing up a pot of tea is a traditional gesture of hospitality in Morocco, where some locals drink more than ten(!) cups of it per day. Establish your own ritual — or jazz up your table settings — with this kaleidoscope of glasses. BUY IT: World Market, $36 for 6

Traditional Textile

Don’t mistake west African mudcloth for run-of-the-mill tie-dye: It’s colored with indigo and painted with river mud that’s fermented for up to a year in a process that dates back to the 12th century. Backed with solid-colored linen sealed with a bronze zipper, this one-of-a-kind cushion cover is ready to be the new star of the sofa. BUY IT: Allove Design via Etsy, $70

Historic Motif

When you’re ready to go all out on an accent wall, make like Moorish monarchs in Spain and Portugal and reach for Carrara and Bardiglio marble. This intricate mosaic will turn your backsplash (or shower area) into an art gallery. BUY IT: Tile Bar, $50 per square foot

Old-World Elegance

Elevate your next gathering with a two-tiered, silver-plated Ottoman tray. Its intricate designs could make a pile of potato chips look like a royal repast — seriously. BUY IT: FairTurk, $40

Indonesian Artistry

Why shouldn’t the colors you use at home be as brilliant as the ones you wear on the beach? Sewn up as a pillow cover, eye-popping Balinese sarong fabric is a breath of fresh air for a stale couch. BUY IT: My Bali Closet via Etsy, $17

Graphic Grey

Woven on a traditional pit loom in a pattern that pays tribute to traditional Peruvian designs, this wool runner is a subtle way to bring just a touch of color (and a lot of international style) to a lackluster hallway. BUY IT: CB2, $100

Instant Vacation

No room in the budget for a tropical jaunt? No problem: This weather-resistant hammock can hang out in the yard and make your place feel like an exotic resort all summer long. BUY IT: Anthropologie, $118

Conversation Piece

Thai rain drums get their name from the sound they make during downpours. This one doubles as a place to perch a cup of cocoa or a good book when inclement weather keeps you indoors. BUY IT: World Market, $280

Catch-All Baskets

Senegalese craftswomen weave these massive vessels out of millet grass (which gives them their organic, one-of-a-kind look) and recycled plastic (which makes them sturdy enough to hold just about everything). It’s high time to swap out that old laundry bin you’ve been using since college, wouldn’t you say? BUY IT: West Elm, $159 and up

Here Comes the Sun

Put a south Asian spin on the ubiquitous midcentury-modern sunburst mirror with this unexpected bamboo-and-rattan version: Handcrafted in Bangladesh using environmentally-friendly methods, it’s an organic take on a trendy shape. BUY IT: Ten Thousand Villages, $125

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