20 Genius Tech Items to Automate Your Home

Because sometimes in life, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

The Brightest Bulb

You can’t always be on and neither should your lightbulbs. These bulbs, however, do immediately turn on during emergencies — including a fire or power outage — and can be programmed to make it seem as though you’re home, even when you’re not. BUY IT: Newegg, $129


It’s not easy to find a temperature that everyone can agree on, especially when you consider your home's drafty spots or warmer spaces. This thermostat picks up the slack to equalize the temperature in every area, not to mention it can also order your groceries or read the news. BUY IT: Ecobee, $249

Sous Chef

All you need to make this sous vide machine work is a recipe, a pot, a pan and a ziplock bag. How much easier could it get? Well, with the help of its bluetooth-based precision, the temperature of your dish is also chosen to perfection. Consider it gourmet. BUY IT: Anova, $159

Throwing Shade

Some mornings come just a bit too early. That’s where these shades come in. You can control these motorized shades with a remote or even your phone. And if you want to sleep in, you can schedule these to stay down, even after the sun rises. BUY IT: Home Depot, $432

Clean Up Time

Let’s face it: you probably don’t exactly look forward to vacuuming as soon as you get home, but it's one of those inevitable tasks. Now, the latest model from Roomba can take care of it, so you can just watch without worrying about missing a spot. BUY IT: iRobot, $900

Cool Breeze

Set it and forget it. Instead of having to pull aimlessly at the chord to your ceiling fan and guess which speed is best, you can program this one with a remote control to stay at your favorite setting. BUY IT: Lamps Plus, $230

Mirror, Mirror

Rule of thumb: lighting is key. If you’re tired of harsh bright light but need to make sure you can see clearly, this mirror provides you with the ability to choose your favorite brightness level and stick with it. No more staring into the sun while you attempt putting on mascara. BUY IT: Pottery Barn, $400

Locked Up

"Wait. Did I lock the front door?" The question usually strikes you when you’ve already sped away from home. This device eliminates the inconvenience of rushing back home to check by automatically locking your doors while giving you the ability to see who’s coming and who’s going too. BUY IT: August, $279

Counting Sheep

Unfortunately, you can’t exactly press snooze when it comes to your baby’s sleeping habits. This sound machine helps provide your newborn with optimal conditions and soothing lighting to encourage sleep. And to help you through late-night feedings or diaper changes. BUY IT: Buy Buy Baby, $60

Slow and Steady

Nobody really wants to be on temperature duty when it comes to the slow cooker, so it’s time to just eliminate that role altogether. With this option, you can schedule or adjust the cooking time and temperature straight from your smart phone or tablet, so there’s no obligatory monitoring. BUY IT: Target, $100

Karaoke Time

The shower is center stage for some of the greatest performances in your home. Step up your production value by adding a smart shower head with a built-in speaker. That way you can queue up your set, scrub down and sing your heart out. BUY IT: eFaucets, $200

Dry Zone

If there’s one thing you probably want to avoid at all costs, it’s a leak. This device helps give you peace of mind by automatically monitoring leak-prone areas and making sure there’s no unwanted water dripping. BUY IT: Samsung, $40

Porcelain Throne

Too cold? No thanks. Too hot? Uh, ew. You need to find a happy medium with your toilet seat temperature, but you also probably don’t want your bathroom to end up overheating. This toilet allows you to set an ideal temperature and it turns itself off if it hasn’t been used. BUY IT: The Mine, $1,471

Personal Trainer

That New Year’s resolution is still going strong, well, kind of. If you’re struggling to keep up with manually measuring your BMI or other weight-related numbers, this scale connects to your phone and automatically does all the math for you. BUY IT: Qardio, $150

Organized and On Point

The best thing about the fridge is no longer what’s inside. This genius fridge allows you to create your own to-do lists, will remind you of any memos that you program and can also play music or a movie as you cook. BUY IT: JCPenney, $4,399

Ding Dong

The doorbell ringing is a mixed bag. Sometimes you’re eager to welcome a familiar face, but other times, you’re on guard. Say goodbye to your wondering though, the video technology behind this doorbell shows you exactly who’s outside. BUY IT: B&H Photo and Video, $187

Safety Patrol

There’s no fooling this guard dog. The Nest Cam’s IQ gives it the knowledge to know the difference between a furry friend, random object and even a human, giving you the power to keep your home safe. BUY IT: Nest, $299

Green Thumb

As much as you may be enjoying the advent of spring, watering the lawn probably isn’t what you meant when you said you wanted to be outdoors more. This technology from Rachio allows you to schedule your sprinklers, keeping everything green and fresh without the hassle. BUY IT: Best Buy, $200

Open Doors

So your garage door has a mind of its own? Not anymore. Ditch the unreliable, old-fashioned openers and choose something smarter. You’ll never come home to an open garage door or hear your garage door randomly moving again. BUY IT: Chamberlain, $80

Baker's Dozen

More is more when it comes to desserts. This scale helps accommodate your tastes while reminding you just how things should measure out, making up for your lack of cooking skills or accommodating your love of chocolate chips. BUY IT: Amazon, $75

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