20 Drool-Worthy Coffee Table Books About Dogs

When the sun won’t shine, the bills won’t stop, and the news is all bad, you need to lose yourself in a coffee table book of dog photos. Dogs underwater, dogs eating peanut butter, dogs with cute guys. Consider them the cat videos of books.

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Canines of New York

Brooklyn photographer Heather Weston puts a canine spin on the Humans of New York concept of street portraits. She snaps photos of pups all over the city, from Soho to Queens, and she even includes HONY-style quotes from each dog’s human. "Henry is almost too handsome, like George Clooney," says the owner of an adorable but definitely un-Clooney looking Boston terrier. Ah, the rose-colored glasses of love. BUY IT: Anthropologie, $25

Men & Dogs

Gorgeous men + cuddly puppies = relief for day from hell. The creators of the popular blog Des Hommes et des Chatons bring you 50 photo pairings of hot men and cute pups doing similar things, like wearing a hoody, playing in leaves or drying off with a towel. It sits in the sweet spot between silly and smart. BUY IT: Walmart, $11.88

The Dogist

Instagram sensation Elias Weiss Friedman, also known as the human behind @TheDogist, takes his documentary-style portraits analog in this gorgeous book. The New York-based photographer launched the Insta account to fill his time after being laid off from a corporate job in 2013. Three million followers and one book deal later, he’s got one of the most enviable jobs out there. Chapters are divided into themes like Ears and Cones of Shame (because dogs in cones are funny, even if you feel guilty when you laugh). BUY IT: Target, $24.95

The Dogist Puppies

Since The Dogist’s first book did so well, Elias Weiss Friedman put out a sequel that’s all puppies. There are 300 pages of 800 puppies: more cuteness than you can stand at a single sitting. Like the first book, the photos are sorted by themes like Learning to Walk, Fancy Shoes, and again with the classic Cones of Shame. BUY IT: Chewy.com, $24.95

Underwater Dogs

Seth Casteel’s photos of dogs underwater started out as a viral sensation and then turned into a bestselling book. The photos are hilarious and quirky, with the dogs looking a bit like sea monsters as they lunge for toys beneath the surface of a swimming pool. BUY IT: Amazon, $12.18

Underwater Puppies

The only thing cuter than underwater dogs is underwater puppies. Seth Casteel’s second book features swimming baby dogs. Get this: He had to teach all 72 puppies in the book how to swim before he photographed them. Puppy swimming lessons! Too. Stinking. Cute. BUY IT: Indiebound, $21


German photographer Christian Vieler catches dogs going all crazy eyes, funny face and big teeth in the nanosecond they lunge for a dog treat. The photos are hilarious, especially when Vieler crops out the treat that inspired the dog’s expression, and you just see the dog making a face straight out of a Warner Brothers cartoon. BUY IT: Target, $12.23

Peanut Butter Dogs

We’ve all given our dog peanut butter and laughed at the faces he makes when he eats it. Photographer Greg Murray gave lots of dogs peanut butter, took their photos, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish them in a book. Voila, the result: 160 pages of more than 140 dogs eating lumps of peanut butter. Just try not to grin when you leaf through it. BUY IT: Amazon, $12.74

Really Good Dog Photography

The name says it all. This tome features the work of 29 renowned dog photographers. There are dog portraits and some documentary-style photos. At 304 pages, it’s dumbbell weight. Don’t miss the photo of a pile of Dalmatian puppies. BUY IT: Amazon, $45

Devoted: 38 Extraordinary Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life With Dogs

Keep the Kleenex close as you read author Rebecca Ascher-Walsh’s collection of stories of dogs helping humans. There’s Cheyenne the pittie who helped his veteran owner through PTSD, Ricochet, the golden retriever who surfs with her disabled owner, and Hank the Great Dane who defended his owner from a homicidal husband. Lovely photos accompany each story, a testament to the bond between human and dog. BUY IT: Chewy, $14.95

Old Faithful: Dogs of a Certain Age

Old dogs are the best dogs. Canadian photographer Pete Thorne shows us this with moving photos of senior dogs in their graying glory. Their eyes may be cloudy and their muzzles white, but the wise old soul that remains years after the squishy puppy has faded is a being to admire. BUY IT: Biblio, $6.49

Little Kids & Their Big Dogs Volume 2

OMG, giant dogs! With tiny kids! It’s outrageously cute. Tibetan Mastiffs, Komondors, Irish wolfhounds and more play with their little people in this book, one of three volumes from photographer Andy Seliverstoff. There’s also a line of greeting cards and a calendar if three books of dogs and kids aren’t enough. BUY IT: Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc., $39.99

Rescue Dogs: Portraits and Stories

It’s cool to get your dog from a rescue, proof the world has become a better place. Author Susannah Maynard tells the stories of rescue dogs, accompanied by photographer Jason Kinney’s portraits of them. The chapters on seniors and special needs dogs will melt you. BUY IT: Amazon, $14.55

Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth

It’s a known fact in the dog rescue world that a good photo helps get a dog adopted. So a Utah animal rescue came up with the brilliant idea of hiring a professional photographer to set up a photoshoot that mimicked the effect of putting the dog in a photo booth. The photos were a success. Dogs got adopted faster than you could say "OMG, that’s adorable." The rescue turned the photos into this book, with proceeds going to help their dogs find homes. BUY IT: Walmart, $11.55

Dogs and Their People

The people at the dog conglomerate Bark & Co. who brought you BarkPost and BarkBox now give you a BarkBook. It’s a collection of photos of dogs with anecdotes from the humans who love them. Like the one from Jennifer who tells how she made up a secret song and choreographed dance about her dog, Remix. Or Jessica, who lets her dog, Fidel, pick her boyfriends, because Fidel’s judgment is better than hers. BUY IT: Amazon, $17

Zen Dogs

First there was dog yoga, now there’s "Zen Dogs," a book of 80 photos of pups calm and in the moment. Eyes closed, contemplative, adorable. All breeds and lots of mixes are here. We think the basset hound in here, a breed born Zen, may actually be asleep. There are also quotes from Buddha, Gandhi and other masters of meditation. BUY IT: Booktopia, $19.95

Dogs in Cars

Nothing says born-to-be-wild freedom like a dog in a car. It’s the closest they’ll ever come to flying. To get these exhilarating images, photographer Lara Jo Regan built a harness that let the dogs lean out of the window, safely. Because it’s dangerous for dogs to hang out of car windows, because, duh, they can fall out. The result is a book that’s high velocity fun. BUY IT: Rakuten Kobo Inc., $15.99

Dogs on Instagram

The humans behind @dogsofinstagram have put more than 400 of their greatest crowd-sourced hits into a shiny book that should thrill their more than four million Insta followers. Because you can’t put an Instagram feed on a coffeetable. BUY IT: Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc. , $13.56

Flying Dogs

Photographer Julia Christe brings you 120 photos of airborne poodles, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas and other breeds. She got the idea for flying dogs after photographing her own dog leaping to catch a Frisbee. The result? Instant hilarity. BUY IT: Amazon, $6.76

Dog People

Admit it, you talk in a voice you’ve made up for your dog and totally anthropomorphize him. It’s OK; we all do. Photographer Sandra Muller takes that a step further by dressing dogs as their humans believe them to be. So we get a Great Dane named Holly dressed as a couch potato, and Gisbert, a pug, dressed as a doctor because his people think Gisbert would like to have been a doctor. BUY IT: Amazon, $29.40

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