15 Ways to Infuse Female Empowerment Into Any Space

Your space should help you feel rejuvenated, recharged and empowered. These 15 items will help kick the empowerment up a notch.

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Fierce Like Frida

Take some inspiration from one of the greatest female artists with the greatest eyebrows. Let Frida Kahlo bring some empowering energy to your space with this amazing tapestry made from durable polyester. It's also washable and can double as a picnic blanket. BUY IT: Society6, $43.99

You Glow Girl

This trendy neon sign can show off your fun side and give you a little pep in your step every time you light it up. Use it to create a unique ambiance in any space. BUY IT: Urban Outfitters, $129

Tough as Wire

This adorable frame displays an encouraging message hand crafted from wire alongside three lovely air plants. Hang it somewhere you'll see it often so you can remember just how tough you really are. BUY IT: rustandglam via Etsy, $45

Positive Predictions

Even though a clock can't help you see the future, this one will help you change your fate. Next time you're running late, this clock will have your back by reminding you of your strength. BUY IT: Society 6, $30.99

Persistent Pillow

Relax with a pillow that will remind you to never give up. Inspired by Senator Elizabeth Warren, who continued to persist in her beliefs even when she was told to be quiet, this quote has become an encouraging mantra for women everywhere. BUY IT: BlueLionDesignShop via Etsy, $29.99

Protest With a Cross Stitch

Who says you can't make a statement with a cross stitch? This adorable "Cats Against Catcalls" handmade art is the perfect reminder to stand up for what you believe in. Place it on a desk for inspiration while you work, or hang it on a wall that could use some life. BUY IT: BohoGypsyChild via Etsy, $44.95

The Write Idea

Let these pencils with empowering phrases guide your creativity. Use them at your desk for drawing or any place you need a reminder of how awesome you are. BUY IT: OneStitchAway via Etsy, $2+

Be Fierce

This classic Shakespeare quote is the perfect mantra for a daughter or any woman who needs encouragement. Add this block quote to any space that could use a dose of inspiration. BUY IT: heartsbyemma via Etsy, $11.49

A Spoonful of Love

This elegant spoon is perfect for your next get together with the girls or a great gift for your BFF. With a customizable saying and a heart for a touch of love, this spoon will make every bite taste even sweeter. BUY IT: andthenagaindesigns via Etsy, $15

Female Throw Blanket

This floral throw blanket emblazoned with the Venus symbol is a great way to express your pride in being a woman. The colors and pattern add interest and style. BUY IT: Society 6, $44.99

You're on Fire

Let this perfect candle remind you that it's okay to take charge. Leave it on your desk and forget what the haters say — you are the boss. BUY IT: littledogdesign via Etsy, $18

Bright Future Ahead

Hang this calming, blue art print in your space to remind you of the bright future that lies ahead. Use your favorite frame to really make it pop. BUY IT: BashStationaryDeisgn via Etsy, $7.96

Stick It to 'Em

Place this sticker on your laptop, water bottle, notebook or anywhere you need a little extra empowerment. Visit the shop to find stickers with more cool sayings like "pizza rolls, not gender rolls" and more. BUY IT: MightyDonut via Etsy, $2.99

Be in Charge

Let these words from Frida Kahlo remind you that you're always in control. Designed by an independent artist, this art print is available to download and print anytime you need to add some fresh decor and new inspo. BUY IT: mycutemonsters via Etsy, $8.34

Power Up

This mug will give you a double dose of power while you sip your coffee. Use it in the office to show off your girl power or at home for a nice pick-me-up. BUY IT: Seltzer Goods, $18.50