10 Valentine's Day Gifts Perfect for Interior Design-Lovers

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, gifts tend to be predictable. It’s usually something along the lines of roses, chocolates or teddy bears. The lack of surprise can take some of the fun out of gift-giving. This year, be a little innovative and pick out a gift that your interior design obsessed significant other will love all year round.

Photo By: Grey Crawford

Guiding Light

Sometimes the best way to express your feelings is visually. And what better way to amplify your message than with some neon lighting? Let them know how you feel with a chic, modern twist and a colorful spin on a romantic shape that’s as old as time. BUY IT: Urban Outfitters, $59

Loose Change

Everything’s expensive nowadays, so a smooch for only five cents is a steal. Your lover will be impressed with the shabby chic cuteness of this handmade sign, which will blend seamlessly into any pre-existing bright, rustic decor. BUY IT: Etsy, $7

Soft Spot

We all need somewhere to lay our heads and it helps when that somewhere is luxurious and velvety smooth. Faux fur makes a perfect replacement when your go-to snuggle buddy is unavailable, on Valentine’s Day or otherwise. BUY IT: Target, $18

Where the Hearts Are

This isn’t exactly your grandmother’s quilt, but it’s just as cozy. This mini quilt can work as a perfect statement piece in a kid’s room or take the spotlight as a comfy little accent throw on your favorite chair. BUY IT: Serena and Lily, $77

Cheers to Love

Cheers! Even your perpetually single friend can appreciate a good glass of Champers, especially when it’s paired with the perfect glass. In this case, one small symbol says it all. BUY IT: Williams Sonoma, $12

Mood Lighting

These romantic, twinkling lights make your feelings perfectly clear. Consider these the sparkling, sweet embodiment of what plays in your head during the ideal first kiss. BUY IT: Pier1, $15

Perfect Presentation

First impressions matter, so step up your presentation with the help of this wooden cloche. It can bring a candle or a flower to the next level, taking normal gifts from the usual to extraordinary. BUY IT: Pottery Barn, $40-$59

Fresh Scents

Roses are lovely, but the whole cutting, watering and eventual withering routine is absolutely exhausting. This candle provides all of the smell with less than half of the effort required to maintain your wannabe green thumb. BUY IT: Diptyque Paris, $64

Rise and Shine

And when all else fails, food. Breakfast in bed is a Valentine’s Day standard, but this waffle maker can take your wake-up call to gourmet levels. Who wouldn’t want to start the day with love? BUY IT: Crate and Barrel, $40

In Bloom

If your love can be eternal, the same should apply to your roses. These ones almost hit the mark, staying fresh for a year, which is exponentially longer than the standard week mark. BUY IT: Venus et Fleur, $299

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