10 Household Cleaning Products Every Millennial Should Own

Adulting is hard, but keeping these essential cleaning items on hand can help make it a little easier.

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A Good-Quality Vacuum

A high-quality vacuum is a must for banishing dust bunnies. This Dyson machine lands in the top 10 on rating lists from Forbes and Consumer Reports. It's time to kick that old clunker you've had since college to the curb and invest in something nice. You've earned it, after all. BUY IT: Amazon, $399


There's no need to destroy your clothes if you're cleaning with bleach or just getting down in the dirt. This cute apron will keep your clothes looking as fresh, as your place will be, once your work is done. BUY IT: Linen Cloud at Etsy, $54.04

Brush Set

You need to have the right tools to get the job done. That means having the proper brushes for every situation. This brush set from Wild Minimalist promises to outlast sponges and never get that musty smell. Plus, once it's time to replace them they're completely compostable and much better for the environment than their traditional, plastic counterparts. BUY IT: The Wild Minimalist, $51

Sink Saddle

This little sink saver will keep your dish scrubbers fresh and dry without cluttering up your countertop. BUY IT: Urban Outfitters, $8.00

Durable Gloves

Using cleaning products and dish soap can dry your hands out, and many chemicals aren't safe for skin. Invest in a pair of protective gloves that are cute and help keep you safe. BUY IT: Amazon, $13.24

Cleaning Vinegar

This pantry staple is safe to use on nearly all surfaces. It's a must-have for mixing up homemade cleaning products in a pinch and cutting out the chemicals. BUY IT: Walmart, $3.44

That One Toothbrush

Keep a toothbrush in your cleaning kit for tending to those hard-to-reach crevices. If you don't have a toothbrush that you're ready to give up yet, grab a cheap one from the drug store. Make sure it's nice and stiff with narrow bristles. BUY IT: Target, $0.99

Spray Mop

Keep the floors sparkling with a mop that has a built-in sprayer. The ability to fill the attached bottle with your favorite liquid cleaner will save tons of time. Plus, the replaceable mop pads are more sanitary than a traditional mop. BUY IT: Amazon, $40.49

Plant Dusting Spray

This often overlooked task is essential to keep your houseplants looking their best. It won't cause harm to the leaves, but the special formula will keep them looking shiny and dust-free. BUY IT: Amazon, $6.98

Cleaning Caddy

Keep all of your cleaning tools and products organized in one place with a carry-all tote. Repurpose a shower caddy, or purchase one, with lots of pockets that can even be personalized. BUY IT: Nona Louise at Etsy, $24