10 Accessories Every Beauty Room/Vanity Needs

Everyone needs a place and time to relax, unwind and de-stress. For many people, the process of doing their hair or makeup isn’t exactly the picture of relaxation, but for others, it’s the very definition of self-care. Either way, the process shouldn’t involve sifting through your vanity, grabbing whichever mascara is closest and making a mad dash out the door to the car. These 10 items take the stress out of getting ready, so that you can focus on not only looking, but feeling your very best.

Mirror, Mirror

Obviously, if there’s one place to start, it’s with the perfect mirror, whether it’s for selfies, eyebrow examination or both. Lighting is key, so think on the bright side — literally — as you get ready for your closeup. BUY IT: Amazon, $200

No Mess, No Stress

No matter your tools of choice, from fluffy brushes to hair straighteners, those necessary items tend to get a bit disorganized and cluttered, especially during the get-ready process. Do yourself a favor and keep things orderly with this helpful organizer. BUY IT: Quill, $22

Like a Pro

No more blowing on your nails or avoiding contact with everything you own after an at-home manicure. You’re officially a pro. Well, almost. This handy dryer for gel polish helps eliminate the fear of stains, one hand at a time. BUY IT: Overstock, $25

So Fresh and so Clean

Just in case you need another reminder: clean your makeup brushes or any and all tools you use on your face, skin or hair. This fancy set helps make cleaning those items a little less painful, so you won’t need too many future reminders. BUY IT: Walmart, $33

Name Game

If you’re the kind of person who puts labels on everything, it’s likely that you already have a label maker at home or in your hand right this very moment. You can use a label maker to label your tools, brushes or organizers, therefore keeping everything in its proper place. BUY IT: Staples, $40

Golden Hour

Because you need somewhere to display all of the extra earrings or necklaces you keep misplacing around your house. Say goodbye to the days of finding a rogue earring in an unexpected place. BUY IT: Anthropologie, $38

Work it

Depending on your level of dedication, there's a good chance you'll be spending a lot of time here. Make sure you choose a desk with plenty of storage and enough space for you to sit and practice the perfect cat-eye or blending out eyeshadows for a while. BUY IT: Target, $126

Pretty Comfy

And comfort is key, so make sure you have a soft, cozy spot to sit and admire your handiwork. Basic, average office chairs just aren’t throne-worthy material, so think a little outside of the box when it comes to textures, prints, or colors. BUY IT: Hayneedle, $168

Gilded Pleasure

Upgrade odds and ends with the gift of some simple, chic style. A glass tray with gold accents takes that random bottle of perfume or those fake flowers to new, glamorous heights. Bonus: extra mirrors mean extra places to check your angles. BUY IT: Pottery Barn, $34

Hit the Right Notes

Who doesn’t love a good tune? Whether you’re looking for that cheesy makeover montage or the usual, everyday glam, the right soundtrack can make or break the experience. And it’s not called a break-over for a reason. BUY IT: Urban Outfitters, $79

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