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Gasp-Worthy Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

February 10, 2022

Nature can be an amazing backdrop for great landscape design. Check out these outdoor designs that will take your breath away.

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Photo: Chris & Cami Photography, LLC. From: Carolina Landscape.

Charming Courtyard in Charleston, S.C.

Anyone who's strolled down the streets of historic Charleston, S.C., knows that behind every gate or wall lies a picture-perfect garden. These matte black doors are no exception, marking the entrance to a charming courtyard on lower King Street.

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Tranquil, Tropical Garden

Entering this tranquil garden is like stumbling upon another world, as busy streets give way to towering palm trees and flowering bushes. A paver walkway winds gently through the space, and so sets an easy-going tone that will carry throughout the property.

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Photo: Mark Scott Associates - French Provence. From: Mark Scott Associates.

French Provence Home With Private Fireplace and Patio

Another wonderful feature of this French-themed home is a private patio area and fireplace that appears separate from its main gathering space. One can relax, take a breather or even meditate in this small, out-of-the-way area that is as beautifully apportioned as the rest of the home. Mark Scott and Associates designed the landscaping with a more secluded space in mind.

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Photo: Jerry Finley Photography . From: J. Dabney Peeples Design Associates.

Pavilion Encourages Quiet Reflection

Made from northern white-cedar and bamboo, this quiet pavilion beautifully complements its woodland surroundings. A small reflecting pond and lush vegetation all around ensure that the owners will want to sit and enjoy this space for hours.

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