Asian Entry Lined By Palms

This zen entryway by Lewis Aqüi Landscape + Architectural Design uses modern, symmetrical landscaping and Asian style to make a great first impression. Vivid green plants and palm trees frame the concrete tile pathway, while contemporary art decorates the yard.

Photo By: Lewis E. Aqüi

Photo By: Lewis E. Aqüi

Photo By: Lewis E. Aqüi

Photo By: Lewis E. Aqüi

Photo By: Lewis E. Aqüi

Photo By: Lewis E. Aqüi

Photo By: Lewis E. Aqüi

Welcoming Front Yard is Tropical

Date palms line the walkway that leads to a welcoming entry garden, full of sculptural plants. A contemporary sculpture adds an artistic focal point to the front yard.

Gorgeous, Vivid Tropical Walkway Lined With Palm Trees Leading to Front Door

Concrete tiles are spaced apart by small, uniform strips of grass. The straight, tight line of the walkway leads directly to the stylish wooden front door. Perfectly spaced and aligned palm trees border the walkway adding texture to the landscaping.

Bright, Asian Style Wood Front Door With Matching Columns and White Home Exterior and Tropical Palm Garden

The white exterior of this home gives it a bright glow in the sunshine. A gorgeous concrete walkway with ponds surrounding planted palms creates a fresh, zen feel leading up to the front door. The wood door and matching columns give a modern asian style to the home.

Tropical Front Yard Complements Miami Beach Home

Located in a prestigious neighborhood in Miami Beach, this contemporary home bespeaks of modern luxury in a clean and sleek form. The minimalist garden of date palms and monochromatic green palette complements the architecture of the home.

Tropical Walkway With Organized Rows of Bright Palm Trees and Concrete Tile Path Leading Over Yard and Shallow Pond

Concrete tiles travel all the way through this vibrant yard is a straight line. An opening in a hedge marks the beginning. The path then passes through a border of beautiful palm trees and over a shallow pond.

Concrete Walkway Over Pond in Tropical Yard With Bright Plant Life

Concrete tiles create a walkway over the sitting water of the pond. In-water planter structures house short palm trees matching the lively, tropical style of the large palm trees in the yard.

Palm Tree Lined Tropical Walkway With Concrete Tiles Leading to the Front Door and Home Exterior

Concrete tiles in varying lengths create a straight path through this bright yard to the front door of the home. Gorgeous, large palm trees line both sides of the walkway. The square of mulch at the base of the palm trees is spotted with small tufts of grass.

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