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Upgrades to Phoenix Home Embrace Dramatic Views of Red Rocks and Valley

Dated design features are removed from this Phoenix hillside home and luxury upgrades are made to create a stunning contemporary structure that embraces and expands the stunning views of the surrounding red rocks and desert valley rather than hide them.

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Photo: Roehner + Ryan. From: The Ranch Mine.

Mountainside Home Features 2,000 Feet of Covered Patios

This stunning mountainside home in Phoenix includes 2,000 square feet of covered patios that extend along three sides of the home, offering panoramic views and outdoor access to almost every room in the house. The renovation of this home removed additive Spanish revival design features which obstructed the views and detracted from the home's style. A second story addition cantilevered over the property added an extra bedroom while preserving lower-level outdoor living space.

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Before: Poorly Designed Patio Blocks Views From Home

Before renovation, the patio columns and roof blocked views of the sweeping surrounding vistas from the inside of the home. The design of the patio left little usable space from which to enjoy the outdoors.

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Before: Mountainside Home Lacks Clearly Defined Entrance

Before a design overhaul, this home in Phoenix, Ariz., lacked a clear entrance. The layout of the property and design made it tough for the homeowners to achieve the level of security they desired for the property.

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Photo: Roehner + Ryan. From: The Ranch Mine.

Limestone Structure Defines Entry to Stylish Mountainside Home

An extension to the edge of the home is clad in limestone, differentiating it from the stucco structure behind it and creating a clear entry space to the home. An elegant gate at the entrance to the covered walkway provides extra security for the homeowners without detracting from the style of the home.

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