15 Ways to Add Palm Beach Style to an Outdoor Room

Bring the saturated shades and laid-back luxe of timeless Palm Beach style to any outdoor space with these budget-friendly decorating ideas.

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Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Palm Beach or Bust!

Known for saturated shades, graphic patterns and iconic lattice-back furniture, Palm Beach style mixes coastal colors with classic lines to create a vibrant, polished look. 

Painted to Perfection

Both laid back and luxe, white woven furniture is a hallmark of Palm Beach style. To achieve a similar look, select wicker, wire or resin chairs that can be painted white. For a truly durable finish, skip commercial spray paint and have your chairs professionally painted at an autobody shop. 

Add Architectural Interest

Lattice patterns aren't just an attractive element in patio furniture, they're also a budget-friendly way to add privacy and architectural interest to your outdoor room. Paint the panels white for a more traditional Palm Beach look or in a kicky color to coordinate with the rest of your space. 

Color Is Key

To create a Palm Beach-style color palette, opt for energetic, preppy colors — like coral, turquoise, navy, hot pink, purple, Kelly green and sunshine yellow. 

Bring the Beach to Your Table

Found shells are the perfect visual representation of a coastal lifestyle. Cover an outdoor urn with found or purchased (check your local craft store) sand dollars, starfish and shells to give a plain container an easy beachy makeover. Learn how to make your own shell-covered centerpiece

Add Some Art

This luxe look calls for high-end touches like custom artwork. In drier climes, stretch weather-resistant canvas over pressure-treated wood then paint on a simple graphic pattern using outdoor paint. In areas with frequent rainfall, opt instead for storebought resin or cast aluminum pieces. 

Embrace Cocktail Culture

Make entertaining easy with an outdoor bar area where guests can help themselves to an icy cold drink of their choice. 

Set a Colorful Table

Instead of breakable porcelain, opt for durable melamine dinnerware in saturated shades that coordinate with your beachy-chic color palette.

Keep the Look Luxe Even in a Small Space

When space is at a premium, stackable outdoor chairs are a must. To stay consistent with the Palm Beach aesthetic, choose modern or vintage stacking chairs in bold, preppy colors that coordinate and/or contrast with other main elements such as the area rug.

Show Your Stripes

Graphic patterns, like geometrics and stripes, are key to the Palm Beach look. Introduce stripes underfoot with a weather-resistant outdoor rug in bright colors. Here, a rug in shades of aqua, mint, navy and white helps tie all of the colors of the space together for a cohesive look.

Add Greenery

Bring lush greenery to your Palm Beach-inspired patio with a vase filled with backyard clippings or potted tropical plants, like palms, grasses, bamboo or hibiscus.

Make It Kid- and Pet-Friendly

Choose the right fabric to ensure your outdoor room is a carefree lounge where dogs, cats and kids can eat, play and hangout — without leaving behind tell-tale signs. Select fabric that's UV-rated to withstand the sun's harsh rays to prevent fading, features stain resistance and can be cleaned with a quick hose-off. Get more tips for making your outdoor room pet- and kid-friendly

Creatively Make Space

If your outdoor space is short on square footage, consider this stylish space-saving trick: Create a flip-down buffet from plywood, paint it with a graphic pattern in Palm Beach colors, affix it to the exterior wall, then add swivel hinges. The buffet will provide a serving space for guests when it's time to entertain that also doubles as a vintage-inspired focal point when not in use. Learn how to make your own

Pile On the Patterns

Incorporate all your space's colors with a patchwork tablecloth made of disparate fabric scraps in bright beach tones. To perfect this look, use graphic patterns in varied sizes, paired with layered shades of common colors. Get step-by-step instructions for crafting your own

Keep It Casual

Although there are plenty of formal aspects to Palm Beach style, the lifestyle itself is, at its core, beachy and relaxed. Keep get-togethers equally laidback by serving guests buffet style. Pile plates, silverware and napkins at one end of the table, then let guests help themselves. 

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