Swim Club

This Athens, Georgia, pool house is a sustainable green marvel.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Musso Design Group

Photo By: Image courtesy of Musso Design Group

Photo By: Image courtesy of Musso Design Group

Photo By: Image courtesy of Muss Design Group

Photo By: Image Musso Design Group

Photo By: Image courtesy of Musso Design Group

Photo By: Image courtesy of Musso Design Group

Photo By: Image courtesy of Musso Design Group

Photo By: Image courtesy of Musso Design Group

Cabana Rama

This spectacular Athens, Georgia pool house features design by Atlanta-based designer Bill Musso.

Natural Born Thriller

This Athens, Georgia pool house was designed with sustainability and green features in mind. The surrounding landscape uses only plants and wildflowers that are native to Georgia’s red clay, “to stay natural and not feel formal and overly planned,” Bill Musso adds.

Holding Court

As with every aspect of this pool house, this courtyard is green-centric. “This is a green, sustainable space that makes use of recycled, reclaimed and environmentally-friendly materials in just about every element,” says designer Bill Musso, “and we wanted materials that would be as durable and long-lasting and low-maintenance as possible, so features wouldn’t have to be thrown away and replaced every few years.”

Leisure Time

Resin-coated, leisure furniture from the venerable Brown Jordan company is guaranteed for life – “we were thinking long-term on every detail,” designer Bill Musso says — while the chairs with white pillows are from the Kolo Collection in Atlanta. In keeping with the mission of sustainability and the celebration of water in this space, downpours are channeled into a rain chain system which feeds into a French drain and then collects in a cistern, to be recycled for irrigation.

Grow Up

The living roof above this pool house bar is sown with hardy succulents and drought-resistant plants, including native grasses, cerastium and several varieties of sedum that require little care. “They throw off oxygen and pretty much take care of themselves without much maintenance, and they add to the ‘green’ atmosphere, in every sense of that word, more than shingles would,” designer Bill Musso says.

Up On the Roof

This second floor of an Athens, Georgia pool house overlooks the saline pool and garden roof.

Big Top

“We had experimented with a couple of other kinds of umbrellas, but the wind just took them out; they just — ‘whoosh!’ — blew away,” designer Bill Musso says, with a laugh. They ended up with a stylish umbrella, the Vizor from Spacify. The asymmetrical design of this canopy is aerodynamically designed to withstand those powerful gusts, though, and also handily complements the randomly assembled tiles.

Bar None

The bar area in this light-filled pool house interior is walnut. The art is by Todd Murphy.

Patch of Green

Atlanta-based designer Bill Musso of Musso Design Group had recently toured a Mondrian exhibit when he embarked on this verdant poolscape in Athens, Georgia, and that artistic inspiration shows in his chunky, block-like shapes and patterns.

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