14 Great Garden Benches

A garden bench invites lingering and offers one more way to get the most out of your garden.

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Photo By: Photo by Jamie Rector

Embrace Color

Embrace color in the garden with a bench in a striking color accented by pillows and well-placed pavers that welcome visitors to take a moment to rest and take in the view.

Recess Time

A recessed garden bench saves room in the garden, but also protects you from sun and rain and allows the chance to install dedicated lighting for the space.

Accent Color on Garden Bench

Color can have more impact on the landscape than any other design element. A bench painted country blue fits in a cottage style garden.

Plan a Path

Try creating a path of pavers or stones to lead the eye and your visitor to your garden bench nook.

Garden Bench Tucked Away in Clipped Hedge

A low-clipped hedge around this bench adds a visual statement to the overall design of the garden.

Stacked Timber

Stacked timbers were used to create a simple built in garden bench, which can also be used to display flowering pots during the summer.

Circular Garden Bench

This built-in, circular garden bench puts focus on the tree. Built-in furniture is an effective way to take advantage of space available. It helps avoid clutter and solves problems of storing furniture, since it can be enjoyed all year.

Shade Garden Bench

This wooden bench defines one of the peaceful nooks in this Charleston garden designed in part by Loutrel Briggs, a renowned American landscape designer who designed hundreds of gardens in the historic Charleston area and often worked with sandstone, as seen in these garden pavers.

British Bench

A beautiful metal circular bench gets some British flair by way of these fun outdoor pillows.

A Lovely Resting Spot

Benches can be an art form. This simple, yet sophisticated design creates a striking focal point in a serene environment.

Plant Friends

Junipers and a Bird of Paradise accompany this adorable wooden bench. 

Formal Function

Take refuge in this traditional garden by way of this striking metal bench.

Ivy-Covered Trellis

An ivy-covered trellis provides a lovely frame around this garden bench punctuated by two bookend boxwoods.

The Art of Seating

This graphic, stylish bench in the London  Square Garden is evidence that a unique resting place can give a garden its own unique aura and serve as a defining, sculptural element.

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