Luxury Outdoor Spaces for Less

Get inspired by our favorite budget-friendly outdoor spaces from HGTV fans.

Spa-Like Atmosphere

If you have an old mattress that's still in good condition, integrate it into your outdoor space. You can place it on the patio furniture or on a platform to make the space feel like a day at the spa. Design by HGTV fan Mariafer IS

Tuscan-Style Backyard

Taking a step into this backyard is like talking a stroll in Italy. HGTV fan twd33 made the most of the cement wall that enclosed his backyard. He brought some color to the space using mortar and his artistic skills.

Colorful Lighting

The right lighting can make a huge difference in an outdoor space. To create a party-ready atmosphere, hang colorful pendant lights, and keep them up even after the party ends for a festive look all year round. Design by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

Mix Old With New

Mixing and matching different patterns can give any space a designer look. HGTV fan jodwayne combined throw pillows and curtains with accessories she found at an affordable price. The coffee table is adjustable so the space transforms from a sitting area to a dining space.

Simple Luxury

Curtains add privacy to an outdoor space, while still allowing you to enjoy the weather. HGTV fan arcadiadesign used a white daybed and curtains, and only brought a touch of color through accessories for a minimalist approach.

Make Your Own Art

If you have artistic skills, then create one-of-a-kind artwork to define your outdoor room. HGTV fan phxdesign made all the art featured in this small patio area, including the bold mosaic.

Mexican-Inspired Outdoor Room

HGTV fan allende wanted a lot of color in her outdoor space. To get a Mexican-inspired look, paint your patio walls a warm bold color, and spray-paint old furniture for a rustic look. You can find textiles and antiques at flea markets, and grocery-store plants add freshness to the space.

Add a Signature Piece

Make a bold statement by creating a signature piece in your outdoor space. HGTV fan annie100 found this $3 chair at a thrift store and painted it a bright pink to blend with her garden. She placed a potted plant in the seat of the chair, creating a one-of-a-kind container.

Designer Blue

Choosing a color scheme can set the tone for your patio area. HGTV fan bkofficer2 furnished the space with discount blue cushions, pillows and flooring for a high-end look. Different shades of blue are carried through to the oversize planters.

DIY Outdoor Patio

HGTV fan hidesertgirl completed a few DIY projects to create this Mediterranean-inspired outdoor kitchen. Her husband built the pergola, and she built the vibrant blue cabinets. Trinkets from their world travels complete the look.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are the center of attention in this small patio area. HGTV fan lorie kate added simple furniture to tie in the colors of the curtains for a designer look.

Hearth Seating

HGTV fan miss rossanne gets plenty of use out of her outdoor fireplace during colder months, but its large size prevented her from enjoying the patio during warmer days. To get the most out of her space, without breaking the bank, she added cushions to the hearth for extra seating.

Refurbish Your Patio

You may think your patio furniture is out of date and useless, but new cushions can go a long way. HGTV fan nyclq restored her old furniture with some paint for rattan furniture and coated the metal with a bronze finish. She incorporated old pillows to bring new life to the space.

A Serene Environment

HGTV fan Sassyme wanted to incorporate a daybed into her outdoor space without the high cost. She took her son's old bed frame, added sheer curtains and completed the serene look with paper lanterns.

Bring Life to Old Furniture

HGTV fan TheHomeinParadise repurposed her old furniture to save money. She made the coffee table by staining wood legs and topping them with an old dining table. To make the ottoman, she took the glass top off of an old table and made a cushion to fit on top.

Incorporate Lush Plants

Plants make all the difference in this outdoor space by HGTV fan 10957180. A simple fence is spruced up with hanging plants and an area rug grounds the space. Potted plants surround the sitting area for a lush look.

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