Make a Wall of Fiery Geraniums

If you have a sunny wall, buy young geraniums in late spring to create splashes of vibrant color in summer.

Wander down any residential street in the Mediterranean region and you will find houses ablaze with fiery geraniums. These drought-loving plants bask happily in the burning sun in their tiny terra-cotta pots, creating a dazzling display that requires very little care.

When to Plant: Late spring
At Their Best: Early summer to early fall
Time to Complete: 2 hours

Materials Needed:

  • bedding geraniums (Pelargonium)
  • small terra-cotta wall pots
  • broken clay pot pieces and gravel
  • multipurpose soil
  • slow-release all-purpose fertilizer
  • masonry nails, or masonry anchors and lag screws
  • hammer or electric drill

Prepare the Wall Pots

Buy at least five wall pots and make sure that each has a drainage hole — if not, make one with an electric drill. Cover the hole with a piece of clay pot. Add 1 inch of gravel and then a layer of soil to the base of each container.

Gravel Helps Drainage

Gravel Helps Drainage

Photo by: DK - How to Grow Practically Everything © 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

DK - How to Grow Practically Everything, 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Plant the Geraniums

Water the plants. Put one geranium, still in its original container, into the wall pot and check that it will sit at least 1 inch below the rim when planted. Remove it from its pot and plant up, firming in around it with multipurpose soil mixed with a little slow-release fertilizer. Water well. Tip: Geraniums require watering every few days in summer, so make sure you can reach them easily or use a long-handled hose. As the plants grow and their roots develop, it's best to water them from below by placing the wall pots in a bowl of water for 30 minutes (Image 2).

Fix Pots to Wall

For a more dramatic effect, paint the wall white or a pale color. Hammer in a masonry nail at a slight angle; alternatively, if you can't drive in a nail, drill a hole with an electric drill and insert a masonry anchor and lag screw. Fit the pots onto the wall.

Wall Nails Make Good Hooks to Hang Pots

Wall Nails Make Good Hooks to Hang Pots

Photo by: DK - How to Grow Practically Everything © 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

DK - How to Grow Practically Everything, 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

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