Magnificent Backyard Safari

Lions and zebras are only a small part of this amazing Disney-inspired backyard makeover.

King of the Backyard

A family with six kids, ages 2 to 6, needed a place to let off steam. In this amazing Disney-inspired makeover, the six Parker children now enjoy excellent African-safari adventures right in their backyard, under the watchful gaze of these lions.

Getting Around Is Half the Fun

No safari is complete without a savannah-worthy vehicle. Behind the lion is a Jeep that's been converted into a kid-safe playspace. In the distance, water-spouting elephants provide a fun space to cool off.

Welcome to the Campfire Circle

Gather around the evening campfire in this Disney-inspired backyard, and the first surprising "companion" you might see is this zebra.

Elevating the Level of Play

Three massive custom-made bamboo structures promise plenty of energy-burning playtime for the kids.

Doubling the Fun

A bridge links two of the safari "outposts" in the Disney-inspired backyard makeover.

Family-Style Garden Art

A final touch of the transformation completed by the My Backyard Goes Disney team: the family tree on an old oak in the Parkers' yard. Want more Disney ideas? In this Disney-inspired makeover a train goes to Grandma's house.

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