Grass Guide 411

Find out all you need to know about the best types of lawn for your region, lawn alternatives and how to care for your grass.
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Photo By: Image Courtesy of Bayer CropScience

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Bayer CropScience

Photo By: Image courtesy of Bayer CropScience

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Zoysia Grass

Heat-tolerant zoysia grass is a good option for homeowners with tough soil conditions.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is a warm season grass that is low-maintenance and drought-resistant.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Thick, vibrant Kentucky bluegrass is a classic choice for homeowners. 

Rye Grass

Fast-growing and resilient, rye fares best in areas with a consistent temperature and lots of moisture.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda is a hardy, drought-resistant grass perfect for high traffic areas.

Fescue Grass

Fescue is shade tolerant and popular due to its adaptability to both warm and cool climates.

How to Mow

Now that you've chosen the perfect grass, it's important to learn the best way to mow.

Lawn Care Tips

Regular lawn care, such as fertilizing, will help keep your yard in great shape.

Show Off Your Lawn

Clean edges help set off your lawn and make it an attractive, inviting space.

Prep for Winter

It's not all about mowing in the summer: lawns need TLC when cold season approaches too.

Lawn Weeds

Unfortunately, more than dandelions can plague a lawn. Get acquainted with all lawn weeds and how to eradicate them from your space.

Less Grass!

Reduce lawn care tasks by exploring alternatives to traditional grass lawns, such as sections of pavers.

More Groundcovers

Many plants, such as yellow Japanese forest grass, will fill in around lawn paths.

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