Landscape Lighting Kits and Fixtures

Landscape lighting kits are a great way to get landscape lighting fixtures installed in a weekend.
Solar Deck Accent Lights

Solar Deck Accent Lights

Highlight your deck railing, posts or stairs with these Mission-Style Solar Deck Accent Lights, $39.95 for four from Plow & Hearth. They turn on automatically at dusk and add attractive amber-hued ambiance for approximately eight hours after a full day of sun.

Photo by: Plow & Hearth

Plow & Hearth

Landscape lighting kits are perfect for installing outdoor lights to provide safety, ambient light, or to highlight an architectural feature on your home.

Whether you’re looking for an accent piece such as a globe, or a street lantern or lamppost for your drive, sets of reliable path lights, spotlights, task lights and even strips of twinkling holiday lights for your garden, landscape lighting fixtures come in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, and wattage types. Materials range from glass and plastic to stone and earthenware.

Landscape lighting kits are especially handy, because they contain all the materials you’ll need, as well as detailed instructions about how you can install them at home. When in doubt, consult a professional for an installation estimate.

How to get started:

Research lighting types such as electric, low voltage, solar, and LED to decide what’s right for you. How the landscape lighting kits are powered determines, to some extent, how they are installed. Hardwired electric lights, for example, will require electrical wiring installation and additional modifications to installation areas in your yard.

Choose landscape lighting fixtures that match each other and the architectural style of your home. Remember: the effects of landscape lighting should be almost subliminal – no one wants a lantern or path light that distracts from the beauty of its environment.

Decide power preferences: Landscape lighting  kits that are wired to your home can be linked to one ore more standard wall switches, so that you can flick on the outside lights easily. Some lighting kits with battery or solar power require different switching mechanisms. Be sure to consider how the landscape lights work together and how they can be connected for ease of use … otherwise you might be walking around your yard every night turning on lights individually!

Draw a map or diagram of the areas where you desire landscape lighting fixtures to be installed. 

    • Are there garden walkways that should be visible at night?
    • Will the lighting be used for aesthetic or working purposes or both?

Browse lighting online to determine what will work for you and what can be purchased at a store or shipped to your home.

Create a shopping list. When shopping for landscape lighting kits, it’s important to know the quantity of lights you’ll need, what type and style of fixtures you desire and whether or not the lighting will be solar, battery powered or traditionally wired. 

Ask your local retailers about installation options. You maybe able to have the landscape lighting kit installed for a nominal fee; if you opt to install the landscape lighting fixtures yourself, make sure complete instructions are in the box before you leave the store

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