13 Great Garden Gates

Add instant character and style to your garden with the right garden gate.

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Rounded Window is Simple Design of Garden Arch

A rounded window design of an archway is the most simple and classic design. It is perfectly proportioned and painted white to complement the cool greens and creamy white rambling roses growing on it.

Inviting Iron Entrance Frames View of Garden

This ornate metal gate not only frames the garden beyond, but it also supports a climbing plant that sets the mood for the garden before stepping through the entrance.

Rose Covered Arch Suits Country Garden

A rose covered arch looks wonderful in a country style garden. A picket fence and gate frame the opening to the garden and welcome visitors to enter.

Country Style Garden Fence and Gate

A classic picket fence and gate are painted a soft gray to complement the perrenial plantings in this cottage garden.

Gate and Fence Complement Garden Stone Wall

This rustic gate and fence complement the stone wall in this country garden, plus its open design helps to reduce the look of a barrier between the two parts of the landscape.

Winding Garden Path Made of Complex Patterns

A screened doorway opens to an intriguing garden beyond its gates. The winding pathway continues with interesting treads making for a unique garden detail.

Blocks of Various Shapes are Garden Focus

Built in blocked bedding planters are of different heights giving the entire garden a structured look. This look is carried through with plantings, sculptures and a large entrance gate.

Moon Gate Defines Garden Boundary and Frames View

This cottage style garden space is defined with a moon gate that frames the view of the garden from the outside looking in.

Traditional Gate

Espaliered fruit trees and clipped boxwoods enunciate this gate leading to storage and other utilitarian garden necessities. There are myriad ways to mask unsightly features of the garden with gorgeous design.

Added Trellis Panels Transform Simple Arch

Trellis panels enhance and transform a plain arch into a real feature. The diamond pattern is carried through and echoed in the gate.

Inviting Garden Gates Frame a Snowy Scene

The garden room beyond the gates draws you in for a visit.

Time Portal

Don't get rid of that old scruffed-up wooden door. Why not let it gracefully age outdoors while serving as a connection between the past and present in the form of a rustic garden gate?

Come Explore

This antique gate and newly constructed stone wall lead the way to a shade garden.

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