Favorite Fall Gardens

HGTV highlights some its favorite fall gardens and plants submitted by readers.
By: Marie Hofer


Thanks to everyone who sent us pictures of their fall gardens. The results of your labors, dear readers, were often inspired, whimsical, moving, and just plain lovely. From big to small, complicated to simple, the passion and enjoyment that you derive from your gardens was evident in the images and sometimes in the words you used to describe them. We enjoyed them all. Here are our favorites:



"This year I ordered several heirloom seeds from the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and started them in March in my basement. This fabulous cascading plant is one of them. It's an Amaranthus called love-lies-bleeding. It's over seven feet tall and is a car stopper. I hope it reseeds itself but I've ordered more seeds for next year just in case." — Kevin Dean, Kansas City, MO

"Love the fall! I have done all the work in my yard myself. It has been a great way for me to relax." — Peter Sheff, Marysville, WA

"We live in one of the prettiest parts of the state near historic Fort Robinson State Park. I started the Rudbeckia and zinnias in my little greenhouse this spring and, joined with fall mums, it made a nice picture. My daughter got married this October so almost all of my plantings were in fall blooms--marigolds, asters, etc.--and we hosted several events in my backyard. It was fun having a themed garden." — Deb Kennedy, panhandle of Nebraska



"The summer garden works intensively to produce herbs and flowers, and just when you think it can't do another thing, the white flowers of chocolate Joe pyeweed burst forth and the seed heads on the corn-like sorghum mature. Crows gather with the ripe pumpkins and mums. The fragrance of waning foliage signals that it's time to also harvest bottle gourds from the vines on the arbor, while fuzzy tails of red fountain grass wave in the breeze, beckoning you to come and sit awhile to revel in the exuberant sights and sounds of the season." — Tim S.



"Fall in New England, what could be better! This patch of Sheffield daisies started out only last year as a small plug dug from a neighbor's garden before he moved away. The Japanese maple is a great foil, as is the highbush cranberry. And sedum is such a reliable autumn standby." — Susan S.

"The weather this year has made the sedum change to spectacular shades of dark red. With the green foliage from the pond behind it, the contrast is great." — Jennie M. Burt, Monroe, MI



"The flower is Clerodendrum bungeii, a.k.a. cashmere bouquet. My husband captured this picture while harvesting some veggies from our combination flower-and-vegetable garden a couple weeks ago. I have been growing cashmere bouquet in my Webster, Texas garden for about six years now and it has always been outstanding during the fall season, continuing to bloom until the very first chill of winter.

"This year, however, it has surpassed all others because I used a different technique in the early spring: I snipped away the top third tier of leaves, which caused bushier growth. This patch is approximately 15' x 6', and it is the most popular restaurant in town for our winged friends." — Janice Simonet

"It's my favorite time of the year — especially enjoyed my front garden. It receives sun for a better portion of the day. The morning glory greets me each day as I am leaving for work. The sunflowers have been growing all summer and now stand tall in fall. It's my little piece of "heaven on earth." — Barb Pelton



"This is my peach angel trumpet and my side garden showing the angel trumpet and coleus--that are still very pretty." — Melba Brown, Thomaston, GA

"I like purples with my green house. I have a row of kale, backed by colored coleus, underplanted with purple alyssum. There are also a few hosta involved. What you can't see are the nasturtium, planted when I panicked and thought it was going to look too bare. Behind the coleus there are a couple of overwintering cactus. In spring this bed is a grape hyacinth swash of purple with multi-colored tulips and allium. After they die back I plant my kale, alyssum and coleus. The plan is to cover the entire front yard with garden--no more mowing. This is this bed's first season." — Jim Charlier, Buffalo, NY



"These are pictures of my mother-in-law's garden around her koi pond.The whole atmosphere of her yard is stunning and I've been telling her for years she should send you pictures. She just retired, and her talent for gardening and plant coordination is exceptional." — Alicia Shickle

"Here are some plants I anticipate all summer, but when they appear I'm a little sad because I know it marks the beginning of the end of the gardening season. I don't know the name of the heirloom sunflower. The purple obedient plant is so prolific it's about to take over the garden, but I hate to pull any out because that late-season blanket of purple just tickles my soul. I also have a soft spot for the obedient plant because, our first whole summer in this house, I kept worrying that it was some weed that I was too dumb to recognize. When it finally bloomed in September, I felt like a winning gambler." — Salem Macknee, Charlotte, NC



"I incorporated mums into my landscape. This is a simple trick for someone like me who has limited time. Visiting my local farmer's market proved to be a profitable way to jazz things up and support small business in my area." — Donna Cuccaro, Durham, NC

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