Fabulous Front Yards From HGTV Fans

Landscaping your front yard can add the wow factor to your home's curb appeal. If you want more than just lawn and a few foundation shrubs, browse these sensational outdoor spaces for ideas.

This sumptuous front garden features trailing plants that spill over the brick wall, a lush treatment for a narrow space. Posted by HGTV Fan volleyken

Plantings in scale with the size of the house add texture, dimension and color to this small urban lot. Posted by HGTV Fan RunyonCanyon.

Beautifully layered landscaping adds year-round color and texture to this Victorian home. Posted by HGTV Fan babycates.

This beautiful no-lawn front yard is ablaze with fall color from a variety of shrubs and perennials. A dry creek bed threads the center. Posted by HGTV Fan zsz123.

The gate that opens into this hacienda-style home serves as the front door to the house as well as the courtyard, but there's no sense of being walled off. Instead, there's a welcoming garden area outside, filled with plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Posted by HGTV Fan Fourdoxn.

The yard is full of colorful mums, sure, but the brightest spot in this landscape is new paint: The house used to be pale gray with white trim. Posted by HGTV Fan djames.

This walled, gated entryway is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Posted by HGTV Fan Badstache.

There's not much front yard to play with at this home, so the homeowners went to window boxes – in a big way. Posted by HGTV Fan kmphelps.

An exuberant front-yard cottage garden, complete with raised beds, roses, bougainvillea, various perennials is surrounded by a white picket fence. Posted by HGTV Fan ebboy5.

An antique iron gate, boxwood hedge and matching plum trees screen the view of the driveway turnaround. Posted by HGTV Fan On_the_east_twin.

A robust water feature and colorful plantings welcomes visitors to this home. Posted by HGTV Fan landrock.

Drought-tolerant plants and crisp edging define this low-maintenance entryway bed. Posted by HGTV Fan bijoux.

Pond By the Porch

HGTV Fan grizelyoung_9085020 built this pond just outside of the front door: "It's where I go in the summer to relax and unwind. I love to watch the fish and the frogs."

Before: Road to Nowhere

The walkway to the front door is a straight path that seems to come to an abrupt end. Posted by HGTV Fan pandlepal

After: Grand Entrance

The beautiful curving walkway is now part of an entry garden that not only leads to the house but also becomes a tradition to the rest of the yard. Posted by HGTV Fan pandlepal

HGTV Fan lisade and her husband spent four years creating this beautiful front yard, including the stonework, by hand.

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