European Indoor Gardens

Gardener Lill Linder explains what they are and how to create one of your own.


European indoor gardens are a fun and versatile way to add greenery to your home or office.

European indoor gardens are a fun and versatile way to add greenery to your home or office.

A European indoor garden is any collection of potted plants that are kept in a larger container. The container can be small enough to keep on a table or so large it has to be on the floor. The plants are kept in the original pots so you can replace and change them easily.

The container choice allows you to be extremely creative because it doesn't have to hold soil for the plants. Containers can range from baskets to planters. You can even use something as unique as the bowl of an outdoor birdbath.



Basic garden design or floral design is employed when putting together a European indoor garden. The number of plants depends on the size of container. The combination of plants you choose should address the basics such as balance, height, repetition, color and scale. Plants may be included for the color of their blooms or for the texture and structure of their foliage. The only restrictions are the size of the plants in relation to the container, where the container will sit and light needs.

  • Tuck in moss around the plants to hide in open spaces.
  • When watering, water each individual plant. If one plant is not doing very well, it can always be pulled out and replaced.
  • Use themes in your design if you like. For example, you can create a desert garden with all different types of cacti.
  • An English garden can be created with English ivy, irises or other plants familiar to an English garden.
  • Make it practical with a pizza garden. Just plant herbs and vegetables that are used in preparing pizza--basil, peppers and tomatoes.
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