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Curb Appeal Tips From John Gidding 6 Videos

The architect, designer and HGTV host shares easy ways to improve the look of your home’s exterior and landscaping.

Front Door Design Ideas 01:04

John Gidding shares front door design ideas to give a home's curb appeal a refreshed look. From painting to staining and every color in between, find a new look for your front door.

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Plant an inviting entry to make your house the envy of the whole neighborhood. A mixture of evergreens and annuals will mean an easy-to-maintain walkway that looks great year-round.

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Maximum Home Value Landscaping Projects: Driveways Apr 21, 2015

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By: Dwight Barnett

Homeowner unsatisfied with driveway project asks an expert for advice.

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By: Lindsay Bond Totten

A good path not only tells you where to walk, it sets the mood for your landscape.

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Arches covered with laburnum provide a glorious canopy in late spring to early summer.

Making an Herb Path Through a Wildflower Meadow Sep 9, 2014

Many herbs withstand the odd footstep and thrive in the warmth reflected from pavers. Plant creeping thymes for the best effect; they will soon blur the sharp edges of the paving.

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By: Marie Hofer

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Porous Pavement Oct 26, 2014

Recharge groundwater, reduce runoff and save on building costs with a porous system.

Designing Paths for Your Landscaping Oct 29, 2014

By: Laura Fisher Kaiser

Create walkways that direct traffic and connect the different areas of your outdoor space.