The Main Attraction: Focal Plants

The plants you see here are a sure bet for adding visual excitement to your garden design.

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©2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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©2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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Awesome Agave

Agaves are exotic, drought tolerant plants with amazing garden structure. Native to the Southwest, agave is known for its architectural foliage. The tall bloom stalks attract hummingbirds. When grown in pots, agaves will grow to a limited size.

Yoshino Cherry Tree

Yoshino Cherry trees grow quickly to 20 feet. The tree's beautiful bark and upright to horizontal branching make it ideal for planting along walkways and over patios. The white to pink flowers bloom in early spring in a glorious display.

Woolly Tree Fern

Dicksonia fibrosa, or woolly tree fern, is an evergreen tree fern, with a stout rhizome and dark green, pinnate fronds. Their stalks are brown scaly towards the base. This fern will take years to reach its true potential, but it is worth the wait.

Japanese Banana

Musa basjoo, commonly called Japanese banana, is grown, not for fruit, but for its ornamental foliage which lends an exotic and tropical aura to the landscape. Plants produce huge paddle-shaped leaves that grow 2 feet wide and 6 feet long.

Agave is a Focal Point Plant

Agave geminiflora is a beautiful agave with flexible, bright green, pencil-like foliage produced in such profusion that it becomes an explosion in green. With time, a single plant will have several hundred leaves.


Crabapple Tree

The flowering crabapple creates great visual impact. In the spring, emerging leaves and buds reveal a spectacular floral display. As flowers fade, rich red foliage and fruits make it a jewel in the landscape.

Stunning 'Sundowner' Adds Interest to Your Garden

Phormium 'Sundowner' is a large and striking cultivar, with erect bronze green foliage. Its dark rose pink margins and streaks age to cream in summer. 'Sundowner' is a great specimen for adding unique color and texture to the landscape.

Honey Bush

Melianthus major, or honey bush plant, has attractive, 12 to 20 inch long pinnate leaves with sharply toothed silver green leaflets. It bears spike-like racemes of oddly scented brownish crimson to brick red flowers beginning in late spring.

Foxtail Lily

Foxtail lilies, Eremurus elwesii, also known as desert candles, make stunning attractions in the garden. Their tapered spikes of orange, yellow, pink or white flowers can add interest to mixed beds and borders.

Castor Oil Plant

The castor oil plant, Ricinus communis, is a very useful tropical foliage plant. It is grown from seed, easily reaching more than 10 feet in one season. The plant has big leaves, grows very tall and produces tons of seeds, which are toxic.

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