Landscaping Ideas for Yard Boundaries

You can use boundaries within the yard to hide certain ugly or messy features or to create separate areas that will look distinct and feel private from the rest of the yard. They can be useful for creating shade, too.
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Espaliered Pear on Wall

A large south-facing wall is the perfect growing spot for many plants and should never be left bare. Here a pear has been trained along the wall, and the heat of the wall will help fruit to ripen early.

Covering Wire Fences

Wire fences may look ugly, but they are easily covered with quick growing annual or perennial climbers. They are also very thin, even when covered in plants, and so make excellent screens for a less ornamental area of the yard, such as the compost bins.

Clipped Hedging Around Bench

Low box hedging will never prevent the determined from crossing it, but it is a strong visual statement that may discourage children from straying onto plantings or into other no-go areas.

Artistic Fencing

You may wish to draw attention to your boundaries, rather than trying to hide them. This artistic space uses bold paint colors and sculpture to make the fence itself into a piece of art.

Hedge as Planting Backdrop

A well-clipped hedge is a great backdrop for a colorful border. This combination takes a lot of maintenance, however, so may not be suitable for the elderly or those with young children.

Planting Along Wall

One of the best ways to make your space seem bigger than it really is, is to disguise the boundaries by planting trees and shrubs. This also helps to create privacy from neighbors.

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