Eye-Catching Architectural Plants

Make a statement in your landscape design—or just add more structure to it— with any of these plants.
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©2009, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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Staghorn Sumac has Craggy Form for Garden Interest

Staghorn sumac, Rhus typhina, is a shrub that forms a spreading crown of dense, multi stemmed clones. On female clones, clusters of red fruit develop at the end of the stems in late summer and persist into winter.

Enormous Leaves of Rodgersia Adds Garden Interest

Rodgersia podophylla is a bold perennial that makes an impact in a garden. They have lovely, large foliage and attractive plumes of white to red flowers. Use in back of a moist border, semi shaded woodland or as backdrop for water feature.

Fragrant Mexican Orange Blossom Offers Round Form

Choisya ternata, Sundance or Mexican orange blossom, is an evergreen, compact shrub with white, fragrant flowers borne in late spring, and again in late summer and autumn. Foliage is waxy and glossy adding a luminous quality.

Cabbage Tree has Strong Vertical Form

Cordyline australis, or cabbage tree, is a striking ornamental and sculptural accent to the garden. It produces large spheres of swordlike leaves on a narrow upright plant. It can grow to 20 or 30 feet.

Narrow Columnar Form of Rocky Mountain Juniper

Juniperus scopulorum, Rocky Mountain juniper, can be a shrub or small tree, growing 3 to 30 feet tall. It branches near the ground, and has a narrow columnar shape, making it a good choice for a smaller space.

New Zealand Flax Produces Bold Swordlike Leaves

New Zealand flax is an excellent focal point for gardens. This hardy perennial features long, sword like leaves, with a central stalk reaching up to twelve feet in height. It has bright red flowers during summer that attract hummingbirds.

Irish Yew Clipped to Form Hedge

Taxus baccata, Fastigiata or Irish yew, is most commonly used for hedging purposes. It has a naturally upright form and takes shearing well. it can reach up to 20 feet high if left unpruned.

Allium Onion Particulary Striking Grown en Masse

Allium hollandicum, or ornamental onion, arises with a stiff, upright stem which bears a tight circular purple flower head that appears to float through the perennials. When grown enmasse, they are particularly striking.

Honey Bush Grows Up to 10 Feet When left Unpruned

Melianthus major, or honey bush, has attractive, 12 to 20 inch long pinnate leaves with sharply toothed silver green leaflets. It bears spike like racemes of oddly scented brownish crimson to brick red flowers from late spring to midsummer.

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