5 Great Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Great Outdoors

We've compiled the five best uses of art in the great outdoors from HGTV fans, just like you.

Goddess of Landscape Design

HGTV fan SharonaKC uses a beautiful goddess sculpture to breathe life into her once-barren backyard.

Snow Tires

Even in the dead of winter, HGTV fan tupopshoccur decorates his yard. Here, he's used an antique truck to put a spin on his lawn.

Caribbean Soul

HGTV fanTikay spruces up a small Brooklyn backyard by adding eclectic pillows and a bright flag.

Tower of Power

HGTV fan The Gursk creates a visually interesting solution for draining his gutters. This antique barrel serves the dual purpose of landscape art and practical tool.

Brick Wall Garden Mural

Got a blah wall on your property? Maximize its potential by painting a mural like HGTV fan curvesarein.

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