30 Garden Gifts for Father's Day

Dad doesn't need another tie; find the perfect garden-centric gift that he'll want to use year-round!

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May 23, 2019

Frost-Preventing Plant Cover

Help Dad get a headstart on growing season by gifting him this clear plant cover. The easy-to-assemble, tent-like structure stretches right over garden beds and is transparent to allow sunlight in, but has a zip closure that prevents frost from damaging bulbs.

Buy It: Walmart, $18.94 (Originally $24.99)

Bug-Repelling Sun Hat

If he spends hours weeding, digging and tending to the flower beds, then your dad definitely needs a quality sun hat. We love this one from Terrain because it comes with mesh side panels for ventilation, has a removable chin strap and has been treated with Insect Shield to keep away those pesky mosquitoes.

Buy It: Terrain, $52

Portable Kneeler and Tool Pouch

Don't let Dad's knees take a hit while he's working in the garden; instead, gift him this thoughtful stool, which has a cushioned seat and built-in tool pouch. In addition to reducing any aches and strains, this bench will keep his clothes free from grass stains.

Buy It: Walmart, $29.98

Timeless Tool Set

Something tells us that your dad wouldn't mind if you replaced his old and rusty gardening tools with this set hand-forged from steel. The kit comes with essentials like a spade and trowel.

Buy It: Kaufmann Mercantile, $340

Soft-Touch Gloves

Go ahead and protect Dad's green thumb with a set of soft touch gloves. Not only are these babies made from durable leather with a pliable grain for dexterity, but they also have a unique hook-and-loop fastening that will ensure they stay secured to his wrist.

Buy It: Terrain, $34

Compact Pressure Washer

Give Dad the break he deserves and gift him an electric pressure washer that'll help him tackle outdoor chores. Though it may seem too cute and compact to power off mold, mildew, peeling paint and grime, this piece of equipment can easily polish those long-stained surfaces. What's more, the power washer comes with a 35-foot cord, a soap applicator and an adjustable cleaning tip so Dad can change up the settings.

Buy It: Amazon, $89 (Originally $99)

Hummingbird Buffet Line

Instead of letting one hummingbird commandeer Dad's single-spout feeder, install the Hummerbar in his garden. Since it's two feet long, this piece allows 22 birds to sip at once. If Dad is an avid birdwatcher, this innovative spin on the usual feeder should thrill him to no end.

Buy It: Amazon, $17.38 and up

Portable Pizza Oven

Give Dad this wood-fired outdoor oven and you'll be giving yourself the gift of delicious pizza for years to come. It's portable, preheats in just 10 minutes and includes a cordierite baking stone and an aluminum pizza peel.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $275.95

Trough-Style Succulent Garden

Men might not be much for vases, but this trough-style planter has a rustic look that even Dad will appreciate. The container comes with an assortment of succulents and moss, and will help spruce up his den or home office.

Buy It: Terrain, $78

Acorn Collector

Acorn tree in the backyard got your father feeling a little nutty? The sleek Sweet Gum Ball Picker Upper sweeps up all of nature's little messes, from nuts and seeds to pinecones and small fruits like apples and oranges.

Buy It: Amazon, $74.95

Waterproof Gardening Shoes

As much as he loves his work boots, we're willing to bet that Dad won't mind adding a pair of waterproof clogs to his gardening wardrobe. This classic style from the Hunter collection features a high-traction sole, soft rubber and a practical neoprene lining.

Buy It: Terrain, $95

Personalized Fire Pit

What better way to warm Dad's heart than with a fire pit that bears his family name? Virtually indestructible and made from raw, hand-welded steel, this rustic cauldron has a laser-cut name plate that your father will proudly show off to all his friends.

Buy It: Terrain, $1,498

Electric Wood Chipper

Help Dad clean up the yard and create mulch at the same time with this electric chipper. He'll love tossing branches and twigs into the top and watching them instantly turn into nutrient-rich soil. Don't forget to pair your gift with a stack of yard waste bags, so he can get started ASAP.

Buy It: Amazon, $127.96 (Originally $139)

Raindrop Birdhouse

Encourage small cavity dwellers like wrens, finches and chickadees to take up residence in Dad's backyard with this delicate, raindrop-shaped birdhouse. Together, you and your dad can hang up the plywood house and then admire all the birdies that use it as a safe haven.

Buy It: Terrain, $38

Compact Composting Bin

We have no doubt that your eco-conscious dad will get good use out of this composter. Since it's so compact, the bin will fit neatly in the corner of his yard and easily turn kitchen scraps like eggshells and vegetables into nutrient-rich soil. He'll get to reap the benefits without doing all the intense churning.

Buy It: Walmart, $120.86

Back Porch Torch

For the father who spends a lot of time on the back patio, we suggest snagging some tumble torches. Because they're crafted from durable iron, these lights are virtually impossible to tip over — plus, they give off a strong flame that lasts well into the evening.

Buy It: Terrain, $64

Sleek Watering Can

Snag this stainless steel can for the dedicated Plant Dad. He'll love the sleek design and easy-to-carry handle, not to mention the fact that it's available in two sizes.

Buy It: Kaufmann Mercantile, $80 - $100

Sophisticated Suede Waist Belt

If you ask us, a handyman could always use a high-quality waist belt for all his tools. This suede leather apron will do just fine, with an adjustable buckle waistband and four large pockets to hold his gardening essentials.

Buy It: Terrain, $148

Handy Closed-Helix Keyring

Ensure that your father never loses his keys to the shed again with the help of this handy, closed-helix keyring. Made from heavy brass with two end-caps, the piece will keep his keys in one spot and fit comfortably in his front pocket.

Buy It: Kaufmann Mercantile, $30

Trusty Pocket Knife

With its stainless steel blade and quince wood handle, this folding knife will make quick work of all those odd jobs on your dad's "To-Do" list. He can even tuck the knife into its brown leather storage pouch and keep it safely by his side between projects.

Buy It: Terrain, $88

Grilling Station With Shelf

We guarantee that you'll make the grill master's day with this flat-top grilling station. Because the unit is powered by propane and boasts an easy push-button ignition, it eliminates the hassle of handling kerosene and charcoal. What's more, the latest edition comes with a side shelf that serves as a removable cutting board and a paper towel holder.

Buy It: Amazon, $299.00 and up

Needle Nose Pruner

Hand-forged in Japan from carbon steel, this needle nose pruner boasts a clean cut that won't let Dad down while he's on the job. He'll love the comfortable wood grip and get a kick out of the special box that his new pruners come in.

Buy It: Terrain, $158

Tool Maintenance Kit

For the man who's meticulous about cleaning his tools, shop this special maintenance kit. Inside the drawstring bag, he'll find a scouring block to remove resin and rust, a small bottle of Camelia oil to protect tools from corrosion and a stone that's perfect for everyday sharpening.

Buy It: Terrain, $58

Double Hammock

The gift he didn't know he needed until now, this ENO DoubleNest hammock will encourage Dad to catch some Zs after he's mowed the grass. He can use the carabiners and nautical-grade line to secure the hammock to his favorite tree and then take a nap.

Buy It: Amazon, $63.95

Protected Teak Work Table

When in doubt, get your dad a work table. Made from durable teak wood and treated with Instant Grey + Teak Shield finish (which gives the wood a silvery, aged patina and prevents wear and tear from sun), this pretty piece will seriously elevate his potting shed. Dad can organize his tools up top and stack his planters on one of the two slatted shelves.

Buy It: Terrain, $1,098

Stainless Steel Wheelbarrow

Highly versatile and easy to maneuver, this stainless steel wheelbarrow promises to be your father's new best buddy. He'll love using the tool as an extended dolly, a flower pot transporter, trailer mover, bag holder and more.

Buy It: Amazon, $139

Varietal Honey Flight

If you really want to make his Father's Day sweet, present dad with a set of specialty honeys. Each vial is hand-corked and wax-sealed, and may contain flavors like Raspberry, Orange Blossom, Buckwheat, Sage and Sweet Yellow Clover. After tasting these, he'll have an even better idea of why we should protect the bees!

Buy It: Terrain, $78

Cast Iron Skillet Set

Dare Dad to take his cooking skills to the next level and gift him this cast iron skillet, crocket and trivet set. Each kit comes with an organic, locally made seasoning oil and stainless steel cleaning mesh, so he can break the pan in before prepping dinner over an open flame.

Buy It: Kaufmann Mercantile, $130

Canvas Log Carrier

After he's spent the afternoon chopping wood, Dad will so appreciate having this log carrier. The bag is crafted from durable, easy-to-clean polyester and boasts two thick handles, so all he has to do is lift and transport to the firepit.

Buy It: Terrain, $88

Boot Pull

Finally, keep Dad in Mom's good graces by gifting him a boot pull that will prevent him from tracking mud all over the house. This clever device is made from oak, and will make a lovely addition to the foyer or back porch.

Buy It: Terrain, $28