DIY Christmas Light Yard Ornaments

Create sparkling Christmas lawn ornaments to accent your outdoor space this holiday season.

DIY Christmas Light Balls

Create your own giant, glowing yard ornaments this year with chicken wire and strings of Christmas lights. These beautiful balls of light are perfect for any yard, garden or front porch display. Hang them, stack them or place them by a pond for stunning night reflections.


To make your Christmas light yard ornaments you will need: chicken wire; Christmas lights; wire cutters; work gloves and a tape measure. You may also want needle nose pliers and extra wire for securing the lights.

Measuring Your Wire

Step one is measuring and cutting your chicken wire. You want to begin you ball with a square, so measure out your wire the same length in each direction. The diameter of your final ball will be about half the size of your square, so if you cut a 4 foot square of chicken wire you will get a 2 foot ball when you are done.

Beginning Shaping

Begin by taking two corners of the square, opposite each other on the diagonal, and bringing them together. Overlap the corners by about 2 inches and use the cut ends of the wire to connect the two corners. You should have a tube shape.

Create a Square

Fold the remaining two corners in toward the middle and secure. You should have a puffy square shape.

Shaping the Ball

Push the corners into the square to begin shaping your ball. Once all four corners are in, you should have a roughly round shape. Use your gloved hands and pliers to shape the ball into a sphere. It doesn't have to be perfect, just close to round.

Fold Exposed Wires

Once your ball is shaped, fold all exposed wire ends in toward the ball so you don't cut yourself while moving it later. You can use your fingers, or pliers for the hard to reach places.

Before You Wrap

Before you begin wrapping the lights, make sure the pronged end of your lights is sticking out of the ball. Wrap it once around the chicken wire, or secure it with the extra wire. Then start wrapping the rest of the lights around.

Wrapped Lights

Wrap the light strands around your ball, trying to cover the surface as evenly as possible. If you need to connect strands for longer lights, try to connect the plugs inside the ball. We used 300 lights to wrap a 2 foot ball.

Secure the Lights

If the lights are a little loose in spots, use extra wire to secure the strands to the chicken wire. Simply twist the wire around both the chicken wire and the lights.


Once your lights are done, all you need to do is find the perfect place to display them, and plug them in. Hang your lights from plant hangers, tree branches, or just place them on the ground in your yard or garden. Be sure to follow any voltage instructions on the lights so you don't overload your outlets.

Mantel Lights

If you're looking for another use for your Christmas light balls, try creating a mantel display with them. Hang them above your mantle or rest them on the shelf for a beautiful, glowing display.

Colors on the Lawn

You can use any color lights for your Christmas light ornaments. If you have time to make a few balls you can create a whole rainbow of colors for your lawn. You can use them again and again every year.

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