Acorn Place Card Holders

Add some whimsy to your Thanksgiving table with these simple acorn place card holders.

Acorn Place Card Holder

Bring some charm to your table with these adorable acorn place card holders.

Paint the Eggs

You will need: Wooden craft eggs with a flat bottom/ brown craft paint (we used milk chocolate)/ paint brush and paper/ drill with small drill bit/ heavy gauge wire/ vice grips/ sisal rope/ hot glue gun and glue stick/ scissors/ card stock/ marker. First step: paint the eggs. It might take a couple of coats.


Drill a hole in the very top center of the egg.

Create the Card Holder

with the end of the wire firmly in the vice grips, twist the wire around 5 times and remove. Bend the wire down at the end to create a long stem.

Cut the Card Holder

Cut the wire to make the card holder 3 1/2 inches from top to bottom.

Attaching the Sisal

Using a hot glue gun, attach the sisal about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the egg. Continue wrapping and gluing toward the top of the egg. Insert the wire card holder before you get to the top of the egg.

Finish the Stem

Cut the sisal at the top of the egg leaving a bit as the stem. Add a dab of hot glue to the end of the sisal to prevent unravelling.

Finish the Acorns

Remove any stray pieces of sisal with scissors and remove any excess glue.

The Grand Finale

These simple acorn place card holders will add a bit of whimsy to your Thanksgiving table.

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