59 Mother's Day Garden Gift Picks

From lavish to low-cost, surprise Mom with one of these enticing garden gift picks selected by HGTV editors.

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Bucket List

Sure to be the hat we grab first for a day in the garden, this Solar Bucket Hat from Sunday Afternoons comes in a variety of plain and fancy color options, but we are partial to this fun girly-Pink Camo (there's also a plain Camo, for traditionalists) version. Though this hat has plenty of fashion flair, it's fully functional for getting down to garden business, as in: packable, water-repellant, ventilated with a chinstrap for windy days. Whatever you have to throw at this hat, it can take it.

Punchy Color

The Farm line of Bogs footwear features this adorable Harper Fruit boot with an internal shank for serious shovel protection.

Far Out East

We love this clever gift set of Asian-inspired beauty products. Lather's Sacred Spa kit features an exfoliating forbidden rice body scrub featuring lotus leaf and adzuki bean powders and infused with jasmine, vanilla, lavender, coriander and bergamot that will start your day with a bang. Follow with the ultra-delicate fragrance of lotus flower in a rich body creme, made even more appealing with its paraben and sulfate-free formula.

Compact Raised Bed

The perfect fit for a small space, the CedarCraft Elevated Planter is ideal for balconies, patios, decks, anyplace where you might want to plant but don't have a great deal of growing room. These planters are high enough to keep back strain to a minimum (and keep pests away) and handsome to boot, with thoughtful design elements. Constructed of lovely—untreated—Western red cedar, so you can safely grow edibles, they are also easy to assemble.

Fit for a Queen

A luxurious gift for the botanically-minded Mom, this beautiful Citron, Honey & Coriander Deluxe Gift set from Crabtree & Evelyn includes an array of beauty products infused with the fresh, garden-redolent combination of lemon, cypress and spicy coriander. The bath and shower gel features a delicate herbal scent, while the body scrub has a more lemony fragrance, upping its refreshment factor. A luscious body lotion, hand cream and delicate shell-pink nail polish make this set a well-rounded Mother's Day present to remember. Mom will want to hold onto the pretty gift box festooned with flower illustrations long after she has pampered herself into fragrant bliss.

Glam Vase

Ready to indulge your design-forward Mom? This sexy Santorini Alexandra vase from acclaimed design guru and potter to the stars Jonathan Adler will bring a dose of sunshine to her space.

Breezy Tunic

This super comfy 100 percent cotton tunic is flowy and breezy and ideal for long days spent in the garden. It's also long enough to keep you covered up no matter how much bending and reaching you do and has plenty of pockets to tuck essentials. An HGTVGardens favorite.

Bogs Clogs

Farming clearly isn't what it used to be. These fun Urban Farmer Clogs from garden footwear specialists Bogs are perfect to slip in and out of as you head out into the garden and hose off when you're done.  EverDry and Max-Wick technology keep tootsies moisture-free and a steel shank means these clogs are shovel-ready. These come in delicious colors and also an array of peppy fruit and veggie-themed designs to really strut your garden stuff.

Perfect Plant Stand

With all the talk of vertical gardens, it's easy to forget the simplest form of playing with height: the humble plant stand. This attractive but not overly frou-frou plant stand from Birch Lane is super solid and not prone to wobble. It's the perfect way to create dimension and interest in your front porch design.

Growing Collection

Get your Mom set up for gardening season with this handy bucket organizer with pockets for tools, pair of pretty garden gloves and non-slip grip pruners. A great gift to coax a beginning gardener out into the garden or reward a devoted gardener with a fresh set of tools. Fill the bucket with a plant or flower and you are ready to go.

Frog and Bee Doorknocker

We are utterly charmed by this clever frog and bee door knocker, an accessory that positively declares your garden love.

Comfort-Centric Gear

Part of their high performance ExOfficio line, the Sol Cool Zip-Front Hoodie wicks, boasts a 50+ UPF sun protection, looks great and all but does the gardening for you.

Low-Key Lid

We love this stylishly low-key garden hat option for when you don't want a huge brim or a lid festooned with flowers and frou-frou. This Eclipse hat from Sunday Afternoons comes in four color options (though we're partial to Slate) and keeps things cool with ventilated panels and wicking, UPF +50 fabric. It's packable too, making it ideal for garden tour road trips. Bonus: it comes in men's and women's sizes.

Botanical Bliss

Luscious dream garden combos make this gift set of Botanical Bubbles Soap Set from Lather a special treat. This trio of hand-cut botanical soaps are rich without being cloying, and feature rosemary and peppermint, rose tangerine lavender and lemongrass soaps, all made with organic olive oil to make your skin look as good as it smells. This affordable but indulgent gift set comes with an adorable wooden soap stand as a keepsake after the last scrap of soap is gone.

Pie Dishes

A gift for both of you, these beautiful British Falcon enamelware pie dishes are perfect for baking up all of Mom's lovely homegrown berries or veggies for a savory twist.

Wick-ed Capris

These new for 2015 Dry-on-the-Fly Capris wick moisture away and dry quickly and allow gardeners to stay covered up but still comfortable. These capris feature 5 pockets for all your gear, and a comfort waistband that adapts to your size.

Classic Gift of Fresh Flowers

Flower Muse delivers gorgeous hot pink peonies, tulips, roses and an array of other lovely stems right to Mom's door direct from the farm.

Tub of Love

We can't think of a better gift for Mom than a tub of love. Love conditioner, that is, from the botanical beauty company Davines, which has an interesting story behind its celebrity-favorite products (Rose McGowan and Michelle Dockery are fans).  This sustainable luxury hair care line based in Parma, Italy is sulfate and paraben free and its Love line is designed to bring that supple, soft healthy glow back to Mom's stressed-out hair. We found that combining the shampoo, conditioner and hair smoother, showed immediate improvement in hair's texture and frizziness.  Ingredients for the Davines line are sourced from nine Italian farms using plants and flowers at risk of extinction. Vegetables/fruits and grains used in all of the Davines products are called out on the packaging as well as the Italian farmers who harvested them. The Love line uses Sicilian Minuta olives harvested from the farm of Carmelo Messina. How's that for a backstory?  It's just the kind of gift a gardening-obsessed mother would love: great products with a great garden story.

Amethyst Jars

We're mad for the gorgeous lilac color of these heritage jars from Ball, pretty enough to use as a vase or place to store knick-knacks and, of course, perfect for elegant canning too.

Lavender Lasts

Few garden fragrances are as timeless, lovely and ladylike as lavender. This Lather gift set is an indulgent mix of little luxuries including a gorgeously fragrant lavender-lime body wash which revs up lavender's mellow fragrance with the bracing zestiness of lime; a soothing lavender-eucalyptus foot creme to pamper tired peds and a lavender whipped body creme with a classic lavender fragrance to sumptuously polish from head to toe and make you feel like you've touched down in a field in Provence. Wrapped up in a lovely gift bag, the set comes with a lavender candle, to make you feel like you've escaped to a spa and a bamboo fiber wash cloth, all from Pasadena-based Lather, a company with a commitment to cruelty-free products.

Floral Find

This perky, colorful boot from the Threshold line at Target should put a spring in your step.

Flower Power

We love the sweet, Seventies-inspired design of this flower pillow from Jonathan Adler, a great way for mom to strut her flower love at home.

Keeping it Classy

The Armachillo shirt from Duluth Trading Company is built specifically for gardening. That means the lightweight shirt wicks away sweat and its microbial properties fight odor even when you're working hard in the garden. Easy to wear and cute enough to take you to lunch or the garden store, these shirts are top performers for gardeners.

Refreshing Mango

Non-GMO mango is used in this fragrant soap. Created with sustainable palm oil and vegan, Mom can feel good about using this delicious-smelling everyday luxury.

Colorful Gardening

We love the juicy colors featured in the Orvis ExOfficio Hoody. You might call it a "smart hoody" for its ability to keep bugs away and its wicking-properties to keep you cool as you garden.

Memorable Dahlias

Moms who love color will surely swoon for the stunning dahlias in Longfield Gardens line of dahlias. Pot some up for mom for a sweet Mother's Day surprise.

Bird Nest Soap

These 100 percent vegetable based French-milled soaps in their porcelain nest soap dish are as pleasant to use (enriched with chamomile, meadowsweet and oatmeal) as they are to look at.

Show Off Your Garden Colors

The Urban Farmer Lace Batik boot from Bogs comes in an array of fun colors but that doesn't keep this boot from offering up hyper-functionality too including Bogs Max-Wick technology to keep you comfortable when you're in the weeds.

Everyone Needs a Hat

Few garden tools are as indispensable as a great hat. This San Diego Bucket Hat is packable, one-size-fits-all, has a UPF of 50+ and looks pretty cute too.

Garden Therapy

Gardening enthusiast wives, mothers and grandmothers will love this Botanical Hand Therapy Sampler, a wardrobe of fragrant hand creams in four memorable scents: Tarocco Orange infused with eucalyptus and sage; Avocado with olive and basil; Pomegranate with argan and grapeseed and Citron with honey and coriander. The set is also a great way to dip into the various fragrance collections from Crabtree & Evelyn so Mom can discover her favorite. We're mad about the subtle sweetness of Pomegranate and the rich combination of macadamia nut oil and shea butter in all four indulgent, soothing hand creams.

Bunny Williams in the Garden

Some bunnies you don't want in the garden. But Bunny Williams? She's a garden genius whose ideas you will turn to again and again. This reissue of famed designer and plant-lady Williams' 1998 tome, is—like the woman herself—ageless. Bunny Williams: On Garden Style is filled with inspiration (and fresh photography from new garden spaces) from gardens across the country and around the world, offering her keen insight as a designer into why these spaces work.

Moms Love Vests

It's a fact of life: vests are not too hot, not too hot and don't constrain when you are hard at work in the garden. This cleverly designed Heirloom Gardening Vest from Duluth Trading Company has a ventilating back mesh panel and a stain and water-resistant finish along with plenty of deep pockets to store clippers, tissues and everything else you might need.

Hip Hat

Add some swagger to Mom's garden routine with this adorable, colorful Ripstop Military Cap from Duluth Trading Company.

Italian Lemon

A refreshing botanical scent infused with lemon peel oil, this lotion from Desert Essence is an affordable, everyday luxury that will delight Mom without breaking the bank.

Chic Composter

Composting is being taken to new heights with the English Composting Garden by Good Ideas. The stacked circular composting planter, made of weather-proof polyethylene, has a classic stone look. The product has an internal chamber for composting, and it's constructed to hold plants and vegetation on all sides.

Garden Chic

Stylish gardeners will want to check out the fashion-forward line of Aigle boots, a French line that is a favorite with celebrities. Their Miss Juliette ankle boot would work as well in the garden as it would going to market.

Mother-Daughter Drama

Few relationships can be as complicated or as magical as the one between a mother and her daughter. In this fascinating, tender, often heartbreaking memoir Orchard House: How a Neglected Garden Taught One Family to Grow, author Tara Austen Weaver describes how taming a wild garden at her mother's new Seattle home provided an opportunity to heal and grow their relationship. The perfect gift for a mother or a daughter with an appreciation for the transformative power of gardening.

Dynamic Duo

From their popular Gardeners collection of products geared to overworked hands and bodies, this gift set of large Gardeners Hand Soap and Hand Therapy Lotion are just the things for Mom to set by her sink to get the dirt off and the delicious scent of sage, rosemary and cucumber. The pure botanical ingredients have an intoxicating, earthy scent and natural deodorizing properties.

Pink Lady

Gift Mom a tumbler in her favorite girly color. This Mason-jar remix from Aladdin also offers a nod to Mom's homesteading passions.

Garden Basket

Store your garden tools in a stylish way, with the galvanized trug by Sophie Conran, for Burgon & Ball. Each trug is handmade.

Rooster String Holder

This clever, rotating Rooster String Holder keeps twine handy when you're working in the garden or potting shed. A pair of scissors hangs at the base.

Heirloom Seeds

Give mom the gift of growing with these heirloom seeds: choose cilantro, cucumbers, kale, spotted trout lettuce, basil, velvet queen sunflower, mammoth Long Island dill or cocozelle zucchini.

Good Deeds and Good Read

"Farmer D" Daron Joffe travels the country advising clients on how to create gardens for their homes and businesses. His first book Citizen Farmers is a blend of his biodynamic philosophy and practical, get-your-hands-dirty tips on everything from building the perfect compost pile to starting a community garden. It's also the perfect gift for the mom on your list, who likes a mix of spiritual nourishment and social cause with her veggies.

Botanical Soaps

London beauty brand Jo Malone offers a variety of soaps, scented candles, satchets and diffusers in lovely botanical and honey combinations, the perfect, indulgent gift for mom.

A Fix for Hard-Working Hands

We've all been there: dressed to the nines when we realize those hands that have done such great work in the garden are looking a little worse for wear. Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardeners line is dedicated to offering a little pampering after a hard day's work in the garden. The muscle soak soothes a tired body and a deliciously fragrant hand scrub with pumice is designed to lift the soil from skin. Clean skin scented with luscious garden herbs? It's a win-win.

Edible Art

Get onboard the edible craze with Chronicle Books' enticing Perpetual Harvest prints, featuring charming illustrations by Claudia Pearson. This visual guide to the seasons offers a month by month guide of what to plant and harvest for various climates in images suitable for framing.

Low-Water Decor

These charming succulent pillows from Dot & Bo bring your garden style indoors.

Gravity Grow Garden

I love this airborne approach to gardening, perfect for those with a limited amount of growing space. But what really sold this gravity grow bag for me was the appealing, retro fabrics that push this grow bag into style astrospace.

'Carnival Limeade'

A stunning bright green color makes this 'Carnival Limeade' heuchera variety a nice visual contrast to other green foliage in the garden. Its vibrant leaves would make it especially beautiful in dark containers, potted up for mom on her special day.

Roof Rooster

The talented folks at the Los Angeles-based American Architectural Weathervane Company have created a line of decorative weather vanes that proclaim the homeowners' homesteading passions. Created by respected West Coast mural artist Frank Romero, whose great design sensibility shines through, these vanes shout your garden style from the rooftops.

Wood You?

The folks at new-fangled general store for design fiends Kaufmann Mercantile have nailed the clean-lines and rustic aesthetic that sets modern hearts aflutter. These clever made-in-England beech branch hooks are perfect for getting mom's gear in order.

Bogs Boot

A fresh offering from the Bogs line of garden-ready shoes and boots, the 100% waterproof Urban Farmer  features a steel shank for aiding with shoveling and a moisture-wicking interior.

Farmstand Chic

Brighten up any breakfast table with these colorful bovine creamers and porcelain spins on berry baskets and egg crates from our friends at the Food Network.

Hip House

Made from sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo, this very chic birdhouse comes in punchy colors and is just the thing to brighten up the garden while offering up hours of bird-watching entertainment. The birdhouse will last for 4-5 years and then begin to biodegrade: the perfect excuse to try another color!

Handy Hod

This hod from Maine Garden not only allows you to tote your edible garden bounty, but the wire basket means you can rinse off your produce in a hose or sink with ease.

Mobilegro Garden Cart

Especially useful for gardening moms with limited space or who have mobility issues, the Mobilegro Garden Cart allows gardeners to grow rows of plants, flowers or veggies in stacked layers. The powder-coated cart is weather resistant and also rolls, to follow the sun, or to go wherever your gardening takes you.

Vintage Raised Bed

Used in its former life for washing laundry, this vintage galvanized tub from the Williams-Sonoma Agrarian line makes a pretty nifty planter.

Mad for Glad

The gladioli featured by Longfield Gardens are elegant vertical wonders that give you a lot of bang for your buck as cut flowers. Better still, mom can plant them this spring for a beautiful show come summer.

Tagua Nut Rings

A stunning conversation piece, these chunky, stylish rings are handcrafted from tagua and coconut tree nuts. Sourced from their native Ecuador by sisters Grace and Gabriela, these eco-friendly rings are part of an entire line from GG Di Luca of handcrafted goods from bracelets and necklaces to alpaca blankets.

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