30 Personality-Packed Ornaments Your Tree Needs

Every Christmas tree deserves a new addition. These 30 sparklers from HGTV Magazine appeal to everyone from fishermen to foodies.

Photo By: Ben Goldstein

Photo By: Ben Goldstein

Photo By: Ben Goldstein

Photo By: Ben Goldstein


Fishing Vest: Old World Christmas Fishing Vest 3 ½"-tall glass ornament, $14, christmasinprescott.com
Cards: Royal Flush Poker Hand 3"-tall glass ornament, $17, ornamentshop.com
Palette: Painter Palette 2"-tall resin ornament, $6, bronners.com
Tennis Racquet: Tennis Racquet 5 ½"-tall glass ornament in blue, $12, christmasmouse.com 
Kurt Adler Travel Globe With Airplane 5"-tall glass and resin ornament, $22, christmastraditions.com
Camera: Old World Christmas Camera 2 ¾"-wide glass ornament, $18, stnicks.com
Golf Bag: Kurt Adler Golf Bag 5 ½"-tall glass ornament, $11, jafgifts.com


Pig: Big Pig 3 ¾"-wide glass ornament in pink, $8, christmastraditions.com
Narwhal: Narwhal 6 ¾"-wide glass ornament, $14, sassandbelle.com
Tortoise: Desert Tortoise 3"-wide glass ornament, $14, ornamentshop.com
Zebra: Cody Foster & Co. Fantastical Zebra 3 ½"-tall papier-mâché ornament, $16, clay-pot.com
Leopard: Old World Christmas Leopard 5"-tall glass ornament, $15, stnicks.com
Chicken: Cody Foster & Co. Merriment Hen 3 ½"-tall papier-mâché ornament, $16, clay-pot.com
Peacock: Peacock 3 ¼"-tall glass ornament, $8, bronners.com
Dog: Great Pyrenees With Bone 3¾"-wide resin ornament, $20, artdogornaments.etsy.com


Donut: Pink Frosted Sprinkle Donut 4"-diameter
glass ornament, $11, bronners.com
Cake: Cody Foster & Co. Cake Stand 3"-tall glass ornament, $15, oxfordexchange.com
Pickle: Pickle 2 ¾"-tall glass ornaments, $13 for a set of 12, orientaltrading.com
Toaster: Retro Toaster 3 ¼"-tall glass ornament, $12, trendyornaments.com
Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry: Old World Christmas Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry 3"-tall glass ornament, $10, christmasinprescott.com
Banana: Old World Christmas Peeled Banana 4"-tall glass ornament, $10, christmastraditions.com
Coffee Cup: Coffee to Go 3½"-tall glass ornament, $10, fun-christmas-ornaments.com
Cheeseburger: Cheeseburger 3"-tall glass ornament, $20, surlatable.com


Blow-Dryer: Blow-Dryer 3 ¾"-tall glass ornament, $13, trendyornaments.com
Bow Tie: Cody Foster & Co. Bow Tie 4"-wide glass ornament in blue, $15, berings.com
Lipstick: Old World Christmas Lipstick 4 ¼"-tall glass ornament in pink, $8, christmasinprescott.com
Sweater: Kurt Adler Nordic Ugly Sweater 4"-tall glass ornaments, $23 for a mixed set of 2, jafgifts.com
Ring: Engagement Ring in Box 3 ½"-tall glass ornament, $10, thejollychristmasshop.com
Purse: Clutch Purse 4"-wide glass ornament, $12, citylightscollectibles.com
High Heel: Kurt Adler High Heel 3 ½"-tall resin ornaments, $32 for a mixed set of 4, lijodecor.com

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