12 Ways to Pamper Your Pup on National Dog Day

Every dog has its day.

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If you didn’t already know, National Dog Day is this Saturday, Aug. 26. In other words, your furry friend is wondering why you didn’t plan him a party. Don’t worry — he said he’d settle for some pampering from his favorite human. Need some ideas? Read on to see which ones best suit your pooch.

1: Make Homemade Treats

Treats are a sure way to please almost any pup. Make your own to save money and avoid mystery ingredients.

10 More Dog Treat Recipes

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Peanut Butter + Honey Ice Cream

Beat the heat and keep your pup cool this summer with a serving of creamy, cold, dog-friendly ice cream. This recipe combines peanut butter, honey and yogurt for a treat that will leave furry friends licking their chops! Get the recipe. 

Photo By: H. Camille Smith

Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits

You know how the saying goes, “Let them eat cake”? Well, this strawberry shortcake dog biscuits recipe allows your furry sidekicks to do just that! It marries classic flavors of fresh berries and whipped cream into tasty bite-sized treats that will leave your pup-pals begging for more. Get the recipe. 

Double-Doosie Peanut Butter Bites

For canines who are peanut butter fans, this homemade dog treat gets a double dose of nutty goodness from the batter and the optional creamy frosting. Get the recipe. 

Marvelous Muttloaf

We all crave warm comfort foods during winter, and the same goes for our pets! Warm your pup from the inside out with this Marvelous Muttloaf recipe. With ingredients like beef, parmesan cheese, carrots and bread crumbs, you are sure to receive a wagging tail of approval. Get the recipe. 

Decadent Dream Puff

Hosting a swanky soiree for polished pups calls for a spread of proper paw-pickings. Look no further! Peanut Butter Dream Puffs live up to their dreamy name. And with a decadent carob drizzle, they’ll satisfy even the most refined pooch-palate. Get the recipe. 

Photo By: Valerie Sorensen

Bone Biscuits + Cream Cheese Frosting

Make these healthy and delicious dog treats for your favorite four-legged friend. Your pup is sure to love the tasty cream cheese frosting. Get the recipe. 

Frozen PB + J Treats

These icy bites draw inspiration from the classic, summer picnic staple to create the ultimate frosty, Fido-friendly treat. Pups go crazy over the peanut butter taste, and the frozen berries will keep them cool enough for some major fun in the sun. Get the recipe.

Sweet Apple PupCakes

Sweet potatoes, unsweetened applesauce and flax seeds combine, yielding ultra-sweet (and healthy!) treats dogs will devour in delight. Get the recipe. 

Photo By: Valerie Sorensen

Throw 'Em a(n Organic) Bone!

Who isn’t going organic these days? Use shredded carrots, blackstrap molasses and organic, unsweetened peanut butter to make a batch of super healthy snacks for your four-legged bestie. Get the recipe.

Guilt-Free Goodies

Even dogs on diets deserve to be spoiled with special treats, right? This salad snack recipe yields biscuits that are jam-packed with healthy veggies like broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and carrots. No need to feel guilty when doling out salad snacks to a deserving (albeit, dieting) dachshund. Get the recipe. 

Tuna Delight Biscuits

Want to be the cat’s meow?  Your feline friends will purr with delight when served a plate of these simple, four-ingredient tuna biscuits. Get the recipe. 

2: Update an Old Bed

DIY Farmhouse-Style Dog Bed Cover

DIY Farmhouse-Style Dog Bed Cover

Make a washable cover for your fur-baby’s bed that is oozing with charming farmhouse style. This simple sewing project can transform a bed your pet loves into one you love as well!

Photo by: Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Is Fido’s favorite sleeping spot looking a bit tattered? Learn how to make a DIY dog bed with our easy-to-follow instructions.

13 More DIY Dog Beds

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Sleepy Snuggle

Some dogs love to snuggle under covers.  If that sounds like your pup, this cozy pet bed with attached blanket is the perfect setup.

Make It: Create a Cozy DIY Pet Bed

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Indoor Doghouse

Inexpensive but totally stylish, this plywood doghouse doubles as a handy end table for any chic pet owner's living room.

Make It: How to Make a Plywood Pet Bed and Occasional Table

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

DIY Rug Slipcover

No need to throw out your pet's favorite resting spot just because it's a little tattered. Instead, use three flat-weave rugs to create a sturdy slipcover.

Make It: How to Make a Pet Bed Slipcover

Suitcase Sleeper

Show off your dog's adventurous side with an upcycled suitcase bed. Perfect for your favorite travel companion!

Make It: How to Make a Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

Precious Pet Basket

Goodbye, bulky dog carriers. Hello, adorable (and portable) doggie basket!

Make It: Travel Pet Bed Out of a Picnic Basket

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

Sweet-Dreams Dresser

Give your favorite pal a space of his own with a pet bed right by your side. This dresser was given new life as a pet bed and nightstand combo, and you might be surprised just how simple it is to recreate to the look.

Make It: Turn a Dresser Into a Pet Bed and Nightstand

©Brian Patrick Flynn

Mobile Dog Bed

Keep your pet well rested and mobile with a DIY doggie bed made from a discarded shipping pallet and a bit of TLC.

Make It: DIY Mobile Dog Bed From Shipping Pallet

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Cabinet Canine

A common find at many thrift stores, these octagonal tables look much nicer with a fresh paint job and an area hollowed out just for man's best friend.

Make It: How to Make a Combination Pet Bed and End Table

Double-Duty Window Seat

If you'd rather create a home for your pooch that takes advantage of an awkward space, you'll love this window seat idea that offers a spot for both you and your pup.

Make It: DIY Window Seat With Integrated Pet Bed

Office Space

When your office chair gets a little worse for wear, consider giving it new life as comfy seat for your furry friend.

Make It: How to Make a Pet Bed Out of an Office Chair

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

Doggie Cot

Great for a dog with bad joints and to get your furry friend off of a cold floor, this doggie cot is easy to make with PVC pipe and outdoor fabric.

Make It: DIY Raised Dog Bed Cot

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Farmhouse-Style Dog Bed

Instead of buying, using and then throwing away your pup's well-loved pet beds, cover a pillow of store-bought dog bed in this washable, easy-sew slipcover instead. You'll love the washable fabric, and your dog will adore his new nap spot.

Make It: DIY Dog Bed Washable Slipcover

Photo By: Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Upcycled Drawer

A large drawer can be an cute, budget-friendly solution for a lack of a dog bed. Add a soft pillow for extra comfort and wood feet for a little elevation. Be sure to include your pup's name for a nice personal touch.

Make It: How to Make a Pet Bed Out of an Old Drawer

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

No-Sew Pouf

This simple pet bed couldn't be easier. It only takes scissors, fleece fabric, a large elastic band and a bit of stuffing to create this cozy pillow your pup will flip for..

Make It: How to Make a No-Sew Pet Bed

3: Go for a Walk

 Travel with dogs

Travel with dogs

Photo by: DogVacay.com


Most dogs love a leisurely stroll. It not only provides exercise but also creates a bonding experience between pet and owner.

4: Organize All the Doggy Things

Though this might not instantly excite your four-legged friend, it will benefit them in the long run. Organization means easier access to all their favorite treats and toys.

5: Build a Doghouse

Finishing touches

Finishing touches

Make the space homey by adding your pet’s name above the door. For the inside, consider a blanket or a rug that can be removed for cleaning. Make sure no nails have poked through the inside. If they have, file down the points so your dog will not be harmed.

Photo by: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo by Sam Henderson

Does your pup spend a lot of time outdoors? Make a doghouse to offer shade, warmth and protection from the elements. Get the instructions.

6: Make a Bow Tie

Diva dogs, this one’s for you! Some pets just need a little glamour in their lives.

7: Go for a Swim

Wet Dog in Pool

Wet Dog in Pool

A wet dog leans on the edge of an inflatable outdoor pool.

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/Dorottya_Mathe


This is totally dependent on your dog. For instance, my four-legged friend does not appreciate pool days, but her doggy BFF swims any chance he gets.

8: Make a New Toy

Branch Out: DIY Dog Toy

Branch Out: DIY Dog Toy

Learn how to sew this fabric log toy for your favorite furry pal.

Photo by: Photo by Melissa Caughey

Photo by Melissa Caughey

Sew a DIY fabric log with our step-by-step tutorial. Your furry pal will know the new toy was stitched with love. 

9: Massage or Brush Them

Woman Grooming her Dog

Woman Grooming her Dog

This living room proves to be the perfect place to groom your dog with a soft white carpet and plush sofa.

That’s right — I’m suggesting a doggy massage. Before you deem me a crazy dog lady, (OK fine, I agree.) know that a massage can calm your dog’s nerves, prevent injury and relieve soreness or stiffness. Totally worth it! But if Fido’s not feeling it, try giving a good brushing instead.

10: Paint a Watercolor Pup Portrait

I’d like to think my pooch would appreciate a portrait of herself, but it’s up for debate. Give this DIY a try, and see what your pup thinks.

11: Make a New Collar

Rambo the Dog With Red Collar

Rambo the Dog With Red Collar

This dog gives the camera a curious look as he sits in the middle of a wooden floor and wears a red collar.

Is it time for a new collar? Instead of buying one, make one with your favorite fabric. Get the instructions.

12: Go to the Dog Park

Miami Dog Park

Miami Dog Park

These four-legged friends enjoy Coconut Grove’s Blanch Park that was specifically designed for dogs in mind.

Photo by: Image Courtesy of XGrass

Image Courtesy of XGrass

For a social dog, there’s no place like the dog park. Take them for some uninterrupted playtime with their fellow canines.

Drool-Worthy Digs Designed Especially for Dogs

See All Photos

Spaces designed for playful paws, wagging tails and sweet, slobbery kisses.

A Dog-Lover's Dream

No need for a trip to the kennel. Constructed by Washington, D.C.-based Four Brothers Carpentry, this built-in dog kennel and spa is located in a spacious mudroom that includes the family’s laundry facilities. Two comfy cages hold large dogs, while a bottom drawer reveals a hide-a-way bed for a tiny pooch.


What once was an underwhelming, lackluster mudroom was transformed by design deity Joanna Gaines. The result? A total pooch's paradise! JoJo outfitted the room with a canine-sized shower, lined with classic, white subway tiles. For a final charming touch, she used newspaper wallpaper to line the walls.

Custom Doggy Digs

HGTV designer Vern Yip gave HGTV Magazine a peek inside his dogs' room. Four plush beds line the walls, which feature playtime action shots in black and white. Above the photographs, Yip uses orange paint to pose the question, "Why wag a little when you can... WAG-A-LOT?"

Photo By: Sarah Dorio

Dog Treats in Glass Jars

Vern Yip's dog-room includes plenty of tennis balls and chic treat storage via glass canisters. The deep sink comes in hand for the occasional (inescapable!) muddy-paw-moments. Courtesy of HGTV Magazine

Photo By: Sarah Dorio

Couches for Canines

Sofas for dogs? Yep! For decades, furniture manufacturers have been offering everyday furniture scaled down to toddler scale, a size which is also ideal for small and medium breeds. So hit your local thrift store or consignment shop for an inexpensive, secondhand kids' sofa. Then have it reupholstered with pooch-friendly fabric.

Coastal Cottage

This breezy blue and white doggie cottage sits in the backyard of HGTV Dream Home 2016, located in Merritt Island, Florida. Its beachy charm and roomy interior make it the perfect place to rest your paws after a long day of sun and play. 

Stylish Storage (That Slides!)

Um, organization goals. This sleek, sliding storage cubby stores tons of tasty treats and keeps tug-of-war toys within paws' reach. 

Photo By: Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors

Tufted Turf

Pretty poodles are pampered with an extra-luxurious hideaway, courtesy of Pineapple House Interior Design. Their spacious crate looks tidy and chic tucked beneath a glamorous bench and its matching, tufted-velvet statement wall. 

Photo By: A Bonisolli Photography

Mini Martha's Mansion

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts boasts the most stunning homes on the east coast, but none quite as charming as this mini mansion. Located a bone’s throw from HGTV Dream Home 2015’s back-patio, these doggie-dream-digs feature crisp white window trim, handsome shutters and loads of coastal character.

A Retro Trio

This yard boasts three times the cool with a trio of unique, retro-inspired dog houses. Even better? Cousins Undercover, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri designed each house with a personal pooch porch that grants pups optimal sunbathing opportunities.  

Photo By: Tricia Messeroux

Hydrant Heaven

Vibrant-colored hydrants and a gigantic red bone set the tone for serious fun in the puppy play pad. 

Intimate Alcove

A secret space for the family fur-baby makes HGTV Dream Home 2014 all the dreamier for dog owners. The nook is outfitted in stylish white shiplap and offers plenty of space for an afternoon snooze!

Photo By: Eric Perry © 2013, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Sleep + Play

Give your four-footed friends a cozy spot to sleep using a dismantled shipping pallet and plump cushion. The painted deck and iron patio chair add a splash of color to the pet-friendly outdoor living space.

Cozy Nook

White-washed wood and plush, coral pillows make for an especially relaxing landing spot for sleepy pups and owners alike. 

Photo By: Jessica McGowan ©2013, HGTV/Scripps Network LLC. All Rights Reserved

Pooch-Friendly Patio

Designer Kim Lewis created a pet-friendly porch, highlighted with pretty pops of color. The bohemian built-in bench serves as a comfy spot for owners to stop and smell the roses, while the dog beds beneath allow their pups to keep them company.

From: Kim Lewis

Photo By: Molly Winters Photography

Plaid Pup-Pad

If your dog appreciates preppy design, they will beg you to replicate this beauty by designer Brian Patrick Flynn. This plush, plaid escape is a seamless addition to a traditional living room and works double-time as a functional end table. What’s not to love? 

Kitchen Corner

Built-in pet areas are a growing trend in kitchen design. In this traditional space, a “dog house” with room for a bed is nestled under the countertop.

Photo By: Peter Rymwid

Modern Mountain Views

This pug scored big-time with a miniature replica of HGTV Dream Home 2011 — a modern, mountainside lodge in Stowe, Vermont. Designed by carpenter David Brown, this “Doggie Dream Home” is spacious enough for two small dogs and has a killer view from the master bedroom. 

Soaking Spot

Long days of playing fetch call for an adequate, aquatic cool-down! This tired pup finds some much-needed R+R on a tier of his family’s beautiful backyard waterfall.

Photo By: Image courtesy of RMS user RMSer pam25

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