DIY Bike Stand: Upcycle a Crib Rail Into a Bike Stand

Don't toss that old crib rail; upcycle it into a handy DIY bike rack with helmet hooks to keep your kids' bikes and gear safely stowed away.

Tired of moving the kids' bikes out of the way in the garage? Fix that bike storage problem with this easy DIY bike stand project that will help you find more room in the garage — and those bike helmets the next time the family wants to go for a ride.

Beauties Of Bike Rack

Crib Slat Bike Rack

Beauties Of Bike Rack

Photo by: Johnson Giles

Johnson Giles

Materials + Tools

  • metal crib rail (ours was 52” x 27-1/2” with slats spaced 2-1/4” apart)
  • (8) 1x3 boards, cut to the following dimensions: (4) 48-1/2”, (2) 48” and (2) 17-1/2”
  • (8) 3-1/2" x 5/8" flat corner braces
  • (4) 3/4” 2-hole straps
  • (5) metal hooks
  • 3/4” wood screws
  • drill with screwdriver bit
  • paint in a color of your choice

Cut Boards

Following the cut list below, cut 1x3 boards yourself or have them cut at your local hardware store.

6- 1"x3" Appear On Drop Cloth On Ground Cut To Appropriate Size (Dimensions Supplied)

Crib Slat Bike Rack

6- 1"x3" Appear On Drop Cloth On Ground Cut To Appropriate Size (Dimensions Supplied)

Photo by: Johnson Giles

Johnson Giles

Create Bike Stand’s Back

Construct a large square using two 48” 1x3 boards on the outside edges joined together by two 48-1/2” 1x3 boards. Secure the corners with corner braces and wood screws (Image 1). Tip: Pre-drill the holes to prevent the wood from splitting. Add a third 48-1/2” 1x3 board 21” above the bottom piece, also attaching it with corner braces (Image 2). This is the back of the bike stand.

Create Bike Stand’s Base

Attach final 48-1/2” piece of wood to two 17-1/2” boards to form a U-shape. Join boards with corner braces. Add two decking screws to each side to join together the back and the base (Image 1). The structure now stands on its own (Image 2). Paint the wood to match the crib rail or paint all the desired color.

Add Crib Rail

Attach the crib rail with 2-hole straps to the stand’s base on either side; it helps to have a friend hold the rack for you during this step. Diagonally place the crib rail to the back and attach with the last 2-hole straps.

Crib Slat Bike Rack

Photo by: Johnson Giles

Johnson Giles

Add Hooks for Bonus Storage

Attach metal hooks to the back to hold helmets, bike locks and any other gear (Image 1). Note: Our crib rail bike rack is the perfect size for child-sized bikes (Image 2). For larger wheeled bikes you can simply make the base longer than 17-1/2" and lower the crib rail a bit diagonally. Test to make sure that bike wheels go through the crib rails prior to starting this project as all older cribs are different.

DIY Bike Rack
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