Starburst Wall Clock

Check out how an old starburst clock is repurposed into a mid-century modern masterpiece.


From: Design on a Dime

Materials and Tools:

'50s-style clock
small wooden balls (available at most craft stores)
oil-based stain (Colonial Pine - Minwax)
metal clamp
clock hands
spray paint (high-gloss Cherry Red - Valspar.)
self-adhesive paper (Lee used liner paper with a faux wood grain on it.)
straightedge razor
clock kit


1. Take the clock apart, including the colored wooden balls on the ends of the metal bars. Set aside the metal bars to reuse later.



From: Design on a Dime

2. Hammer a nail into each new wooden ball and dip into the stain. Using the nail hole as a guide, drill holes into the newly stained wooden balls.

* Tip: Use a metal clamp to secure each ball while you drill so they don't roll and cause the drill to slip.

3. Paint the sides of the clock, new clock hands and chopsticks with spray paint. Drill new holes into the side of the clock midway between the holes where the metal bars will be placed.



From: Design on a Dime

4. Attach both the chopsticks and the metal bars, attaching the newly affixed wooden balls in an alternating pattern. Insert them into the pre-drilled holes and secure with epoxy. For more interest, also alternate the tips and ends of the chopsticks.

5. Trace the back of the clock onto the backside of the self-adhesive paper. Use the straightedge razor to cut out the circle to cover the face of the clock. Peel off the backing and stick to the clock's face. Trim off excess paper with the razor.



From: Design on a Dime

6. Affix the new clock hands. Replace the broken clock mechanism with the new clock kit and fit with a battery.

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