Stained-Glass and Marble Sconce

Learn how to make a stained-glass and marble sconce in this elegant, one-of-a-kind project.


This unique sconce is sure to be a bright spot on your wall.

Materials and Tools:

1-inch-thick pinewood
iridescent glass
paper pattern templates for the base and back
stained-glass template
lead came
brass wood screws
urethane spray
red mahogany wood stain
threaded rod
nuts and washers
light bulb, light-bulb socket and socket cover
wire cord with electric plug
on/off switch
radial arm saw
ceramic tile wet saw
power drill with countersink drill bit and ½-inch drill bit
palm sander
power screwdriver
rotary tool
diamond-embedded buffing wheel
glass-scoring tool and glass-breaking pliers
flux, solder and soldering iron
"L" channel
blue painter's tape
safety glasses, latex gloves and work gloves


1. Place the paper templates for the wood backing and base of the sconce on a pine board and trace around them with a pencil.

2. Cut out the backing and base with a radial arm saw.

3. Sand all sides and edges of the wood pieces with a palm sander.



4. Clamp the base to the backing at right angles and drill holes for screws to attach the two pieces together using a power drill with a countersinking bit.

5. Screw the base to the backing at right angles with brass wood screws through the pre-drilled holes.

6. Router the edges of the backing and the base, with special attention to the corners.



7. Place a piece of blue painter's tape in the center of the base to protect the wood. Drill a hole through the base for the electrical wiring for the light.

8. On the back side use a rotary tool to carve out a slot for hanging the sconce on the wall.

9. Wearing latex gloves, stain the base and backing with red mahogany wood stain. Let dry.

10. Use spray urethane over the stain to seal and finish the wood. Let dry.



11. Install the light-bulb socket, the electric cord and the switch on the base.



12. Wearing eye protection and work gloves, cut five slices of marble with a ceramic tile wet saw for the sides and bottom of the sconce. Polish the marble with a diamond-embedded buffing wheel.

13. Use a template to mark the front iridescent glass and two side glass pieces to size.

14. Score the glass with a glass-scoring tool. Break the glass along the scored lines with breaking pliers.



15. Measure and cut the lead came to fit around the front glass piece. Assemble the front glass piece with the came pieces around all edges on a corkboard. Place the marble slices along the top, sides and bottom. Secure the pieces in place using "L" channel steel pieces held down with pushpins.



16. Apply flux to the lead came. Fuse the pieces together using solder and a soldering iron.



17. Cut lead came to be placed between the marble slices on the sides and the side glass panels. Assemble the side pieces by soldering the came to the marble on the front panel and the side iridescent-glass pieces.

18. Attach a threaded rod to the stained-glass and marble front piece, mark the rod position on the wood base, drill holes and attach it to the base with nuts and washers.

19. Hang the sconce on the wall and plug it in.

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