Soft Skeleton Doll

Create a handmade skeleton doll to use for Halloween decorating.


Project by Andrew Knipe from San Francisco, Calif.

Andrew started making dolls some years ago after converting his doodles from "a really boring computer class" into a three-dimensional doll. In this project, he makes a soft skeleton doll.

Materials and Tools:

chamois cloth
old towels, dish rags or sweatshirts
hot glue sticks
glue gun
fabric paint
marker pen
upholstery thread or yarn
polyfil stuffing




1. To make the face: Cut a long oval about 3/4- to 1-inch longer than the face out of chamois cloth or any heavy fabric or lightweight leather.

2. Run a small bead of hot glue across the back and fold over to form a lip. Repeat for the other lip, leaving space between for teeth.

3. Using acrylic or fabric paint, make teeth. A permanent black marker works well for the outline. Sew on two button eyes (the more mismatched, the better).

4. For the body: Cut two roughly triangular shapes out of the body material (old towels, dish rags, sweatshirts all work well). On the outside of the front piece, attach the face with some hot glue in the center.



5. Using heavy upholstery thread or yarn, stitch around the face.

6. Put the two body pieces together, inside out. If you want hair, add yarn, string or fur--the part you want exposed between the two layers and a bit sticking out. Using the same heavy thread or yarn, stitch around the body, leaving an opening at the bottom.

7. Turn the body right side out and stuff using poly filling or cotton. Stitch up the opening. To make the arms and legs: Make four long tubes with one end slightly larger than the other (this end will serve as hands or feet).



8. Stuff half of each tube; then stitch in a small X to serve as an elbow or knee. Finish stuffing and sew up. Attach arms and legs to body with string or yarn. Use a couple of rough stitches and finish with a big knot.

Remember, these are supposed to be rough and handmade looking. Do not use a sewing machine and don't worry if your stitches are uneven.

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