Soft Neck Roll Pillows

Create interest and add comfort at the same time by sewing soft neck roll pillows. Get the step-by-step instructions here.


Use bright-colored fabric for pillows to welcome the new season!

Use bright-colored fabric for pillows to welcome the new season!

Materials and Tools:

fabric (Sichuan Jade, #7954373) - Jo-Ann, ETC.
fiber fill


1. Determine size of neck roll pillow, both length and circumference. Cut rectangle of fabric to the size you want, adding seam allowances at the ends and along the edges.

2. Fold fabric in half with right sides together so the long edges are touching and stitch along that side to create a tube.



3. Line up the edges of the cording and pin all the way around to the right side of each end of the tube.

4. To determine the size of the circles needed at each end, measure the circumference of the opening of the tube (the height of the rectangle minus the seam allowances. Then divide the circumference by 3.14). The result will be the diameter of the circle. Divide that in half to get the radius, and draw a circle from a single center point, measuring out the distance of the radius until a circle shape develops. Be sure to add a seam allowance all the way around. Cut out two identical circles.



5. Pin a circle over the cording and fabric with right sides together. Sew as close to the cording as possible using a zipper foot.

6. Repeat on the opposite end, leaving an opening of several inches. Turn right side out and stuff to desired thickness. Hand-stitch the opening closed.

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