Make a Snowman-Shaped Snow Globe

Stack three fish bowls to resemble an adorable snowman.

Photo by: Gabriela Hardan

Gabriela Hardan

What You'll Need

  • (3) fish bowls, two medium and one small
  • white acryclic paint
  • glitter
  • fine faux snow
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • miniature woodland set
  • wired ribbon
  • gray felt
  • other embellishments
  • foam paintbrush
  • scissors
  • marker

Paint Trees

Photo by: Gabriela Hardan

Gabriela Hardan

Apply white acrylic paint to trees with a sponge and add glitter while it's still wet. Apply paint in clumps so it resembles fallen snow. Let dry.

Add Trees

Apply a dab of hot glue (on the low setting) to the bottom of the tree, and place inside one of the bowls.

Add Snow

Use a measuring cup to pour fine faux snow inside, and add embellishments. Repeat for the other two bowls. Use a stick or pencil to rearrange as needed.

Make a Felt Hat

Trace and cut a circle on a piece of felt slightly larger than the opening of the small bowl. Cut a 3-inch piece of felt and roll into a cylinder shape. Hot glue to hold in place, and hot glue it to the felt circle. Add embellishments as desired.

Stack Bowls

Stack the two medium bowls, then twist a wired ribbon into a scarf shape and place on top. Next, place the small bowl on top followed by the hat.

Snowman Snow Globe
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