Sew a Dog Raincoat and Collar

Make a practical raincoat and collar set for your dog so you can both go for a walk even when it's raining.
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Crafter Amy Brock of Tigard, Ore., demonstrates how to sew a colorful dog raincoat and matching collar to protect your pooch from the elements.

Materials and Tools:


5/8 yard vinyl tablecloth material

5/8 yard contrasting material for lining

matching thread

1 yard coordinating rickrack or other ribbon

beads, sequins or buttons (optional)


3/4" nylon webbing (amount determined by measuring dog's neck and adding 6 inches)*

1/2" ribbon (amount of webbing used plus 1 inch)

1 3/4" metal D-ring

1 3/4" plastic buckle

1 3/4" plastic slide

sewing machine, scissors, straight pins

paper and pencil

purchased dog coat pattern

matching thread

*Note: For larger dogs use 1 inch webbing material and for cats or tiny dogs use 3/8-inch materials instead of 3/4 inch.

Raincoat steps:

  1. To make the customized size raincoat for your dog, measure around the dog's neck, around the chest just behind the front legs and the length of the dog from its collar to the base of the tail.
  2. 2. Modify a purchased dog coat pattern to correspond with your dog's measurements or draw your own pattern on paper and cut it out. Pin the coat and hood pattern pieces on vinyl fabric. Place the hood section on the fold. Cut out the pieces.
  3. Repeat on contrasting fabric for the coat lining. Cut two trim pieces, one on the fold to go around the hood opening and to go around the edge of the bottom of the coat.
  4. Sew the center neck seams with right sides together on both the vinyl and liner fabric. Turn the pieces right side out.
  5. Place the coat lining inside the vinyl coat with wrong sides together. Sew the two fabrics together with a 1/4-inch seam around the outside.
  6. Sew the vinyl hood piece to the lining hood piece with wrong sides together with a 1/4-inch seam.
  7. Place ribbon horizontally across the back of coat and sew it on the coat down each long edge of the ribbon.
  8. Pin the trim onto the hem edge of the coat vinyl piece with right sides together. Sew the trim using 1/4-inch seam. Fold the trim over to the underside and sew in place.
  9. Pin the trim onto the hood opening facing the dog's head with right sides together. Stitch it together using a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Fold the trim over to the underside and sew in place.
  10. Place the hood with the wrong side out over the neck hole on the coat with right sides together and sew the two pieces together. Turn the hood right side out.
  11. Embellish the raincoat with sequins and beads as desired.

Dog collar steps:

  1. Measure the dog's neck for the collar. Cut a piece of nylon webbing six inches longer than the neck measurement. Cut two pieces of contrasting ribbon one inch longer than the webbing.
  2. Center the two ribbons on top of the webbing with 1/2 inch of the ribbon hanging off each end.
  3. Sew the ribbon onto the webbing along both sides of ribbon near the edge.
  4. Slide a D-ring on the webbing/ribbon, then guide the webbing/ribbon up and down through the female end of the plastic buckle.
  5. Put wrong sides together around the buckle and sew a seam as close to the buckle as possible. Sew back and forth at least five times to increase the strength of the collar.
  6. Slide the D-ring next to the seam sewn in Step 5. Fold the ribbon over the edge of the webbing and sew wrong sides together with at least five back and forth seams.
  7. Loop the ribbon/webbing through the slide then up and down through the male end of the buckle.
  8. Loop the ribbon/webbing through the far end of the slide and back toward the buckle.
  9. Sew the wrong sides together looped around the far end of the plastic slide so that the collar can be adjusted as needed.
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