Scrapbooking with Sea Glass and Netting

Create a nautical theme by embellishing scrapbook pages with sea glass and coastal netting.
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Close up of a scrapbook page that uses sea glass.

Coastal Netting Pockets

Coastal netting is fine, loosely woven hemp that's very versatile. It's available in a variety of colors and adds a natural, textural accent to scrapbook pages. You can fashion it into pockets for displaying special greeting cards, postcards, brochures, maps or other memorabilia. Here's how to make them:

Materials and Tools:

coastal netting (or any type of netlike fiber)
¼-inch-wide double-sided scrapbook tape
card stock
glitter or embossing powder (optional)


1. Apply scrapbook tape along the bottom edge of the cardstock, allowing the protective cover to remain.

2. Apply two strips of scrapbook tape to the back of the card stock to secure the ends of the netting.

3. Cut a length of netting and press it to the tape on the front of the card stock to secure.

4. Fold the netting over the card stock and adhere the ends to tape on the back of the card stock.

5. Sprinkle glitter or embossing powder over the bottom edge of netting to cover any exposed adhesive, if desired.

Sea Glass Mosaics

Sea glass, aka beach glass, is a popular scrapbook embellishment. Besides simply decorating pages with it, you can use an engraver to carve title letters into the surfaces of pieces. Here's how to work with it:

Materials and Tools:

sea glass
1-inch-wide double-sided scrapbook tape
card stock
engraver (optional)


1. Cover one side of sea glass with scrapbook tape and trim it even with the edge of the sea glass. Note: Be sure the entire surface is covered with tape, or it will show through.

2. Arrange the sea glass into a mosaic pattern on the page, or use them for a page title, engraving letters into the pieces with an engraver.

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