Ring Neck Pheasant Spinner

Keep your cat occupied with this DIY spinner cat toy. Visit a fishing store to obtain feathers, spinner and tinsel.
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You can also make parrot, peacock or chicken spinners depending on what your kitty prefers.

You can also make parrot, peacock or chicken spinners depending on what your kitty prefers.


2 pheasant tail feathers
small body feathers
fishing lure spinner
hex nut
hot glue
vinyl or electrical cap
felt, two colors
glue gun
needle nose pliers


1. Cut a small hole in the base of the vinyl cap and two notches into opposite ends of the rim of the cap.



2. Crimp the eye hole of the fishing lure spinner and push it through the hole you cut in the cap.

3. Fit the crimped spinner through the hex nut and use the needle nose pliers to expand the eye hole to its original size.



4. Tie tinsel through the crimped eye hole of the spinner. Now pull the spinner back through the hole in the vinyl cap until the large hex nut catches.



5. Lightly glue the two pheasant feathers into base of the cap and within the two notches cut earlier. Note: The key to making a toy that will spin properly is getting these two feathers placed correctly. Place the outside face of feathers inward and angle them equally in relation to each other. Think of this like an airplane propeller.



6. Cut a half circle of felt, and glue a ring of another color felt to it. Wrap felt around cap and glue to secure. Add eyes and extra feathers to customize.

For use with the Spinner Wand for Cats.

Submitted by Nathan DiPietro

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