Recycled Painted Floor Cloth

Use these step-by-step instructions to paint a floor cloth and add color to any room in the house.


Project by Sabrina Harris from Sarasota, Fla.

Materials and Tools:

linoleum remnant
ruler or yardstick
sponge roller and tray
latex paint
acrylic paints
4" china bristle brush
artists brushes
rotary punch
fabric scraps
sheet of Mylar
permanent marker
razor knife
cutting mat
stencil brush
paper towels
foam produce tray
latex makeup sponge


1. Cut linoleum desired shape and size. To measure a circle, tape a 2-1/2-foot piece of string to the linoleum and use it to draw your circle, like a compass.

2. Cut out circle with scissors.

3. Paint yellow orange on linoleum with sponge roller. Let dry.

4. With china bristle brush, brush on darker orange thinned with water in random strokes over entire surface. Let dry.

5. For blue border, use 4-inch brush and paint around outside edge of floor cloth. Let dry.

6. To cut stencil: Draw design on paper and then trace onto plastic with permanent marker. Cut out with razor blade on cutting mat.

7. Place stencil within border. Dip stencil brush in acrylic paint and blot on paper towel. Place stencil in its area on linoleum and pounce brush over stencil. Reload with paint as needed. Let dry.

8. To make stamps: Draw sun on foam tray and cut out with razor blade. Use a pen or pencil to add detail to foam, by pressing into foam but not too hard.

9. Use latex make-up sponge to apply paint to stamp. Apply stamp to floor cloth, pressing firmly.

10. Paint other details with artist brushes by hand. Let paint dry thoroughly.

11. Apply two coats of polyurethane with roller. Let dry.

12. To add fringe: Punch holes in edge floor cloth about 1/4-inch apart using the largest punch on rotary tool.

13. Using any cotton fabric remnant 9 inches in length, make 1/2-inch cuts at the top and rip down into strips.

14. Cut yarn into 9-inch lengths. Add one piece of yarn and one piece of fabric together and push through punched hole with end of small paintbrush. Pull ends through loop and pull tight.

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