Quilts Beyond the Square Patch

These quilts steal the show with atypical scenes and not a square piece of patchwork in sight. To view more quilts, check out Share my Quilt at HGTV.com.

Reach For the Stars

One of the neatest things about this quilt is its ability to tell a story for years to come.

Log Cabin Cuddling

This design is a great way to commemorate a special family destination.

Quilted Tile Floor

The archway and tiled floor could trick us into walking through this quilt.

Come Fly With Me

Celebrating city pride, this quilt's skyline and airplane lift the design above others.

Daffy Daffodils

This scene captures nature in its geometric beauty.

A Quilt That Quacks

A piece of art, this quilt displays an intricate animal with ease.

Baby's First Bath Quilt

This quilt commemorates a new special member of the family and his newfound hygiene.

A Sea of Sky

Depicting a favorite destination, this quilter used a tree in front of the framed lighthouse to give the image depth.

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