Purse-Themed Greeting Cards

Learn how to make your own greeting cards with these three projects.


Projects by Kate Dwyer from Somerville, Mass.

Kate has been making cards since she was a child. As a kid, she submitted greeting cards to coloring contests. In this segment, Kate makes three different cards that share a purse theme.

Purse-Shaped Card

Materials and Tools:


8-1/2" x 11" solid cardstock
8-1/2" x 11" lighter-weight patterned paper
solid textured paper
glue or paper paste
brush for glue
purse clipart for template
craft knife with swivel blade or #11 blade
self-adhesive hook-and-loop dots
plastic or glass gemstone, large sequin or button
craft glue
1/8" eyelets for paper
eyelet tool
1/8" hole punch


1. Using paper paste and brush, glue the solid card stock and patterned piece of paper together. Let dry.


2. Trace the purse clipart/template onto the double-sided paper you just made and cut out the shape. Scissors work best for cutting the outer edge of the purse shape; use the craft knife to cut the inside of the handles.

3. Fold the purse according to the template. Stick the hook-and-loop dots under the purse tab and press down firmly to attach to the front of purse.

4. Use craft glue to adhere the gemstone, sequin or button to the top of the purse tab. Make it extra sassy and really make someone's day: Cut out little accent pieces from textured paper in a color that compliments your patterned paper and glue them (using paper paste) to the front of the purse.


5. Add eyelets, too! Use the 1/8-inch punch and punch holes in the front of the card in a fun pattern. Put the eyelets in the holes. Turn the card over and use the eyelet tool and hammer to attach them to the card. Add some fun text to the inside of the card.

Rock Star Purse Card

Materials and Tools:


small piece of felt
small purse templates
black pipe cleaner
blank greeting card & envelope
craft glue and small brush **
dull pencil
sharp scissors
sequins, beads, buttons, etc.
eyelet tool
hole punch size of eyelets
small scrap pieces of paper

** Heavy-duty double-sided tape may be used in place of the glue and brush for this project (it's less messy!).


1. Trace/draw a little purse onto the piece of felt (backside). Cut out the shape with sharp scissors. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner (a few inches long) and bend into a shape for the handle of the bag.


2. Glue or tape the handle in place and then fold down the top flap of the purse to hide the ends of the pipe cleaner. Attach the purse to the front of the card.

3. Add a sequin, bead or button to the front of the purse just for fun! Attach sequins (or make eyelet flowers, see below) in a scattered pattern or cut shapes from the leftover felt and add to the rest of the card.


4. To make eyelet flowers: Cut out little flower shapes from a scrap piece of colored paper and attach to the front of card by using an eyelet as the center of the flower. Add some fun text to the inside of the card and surprise a friend!

Sassy Purse Card

Materials and Tools:


heavy white paper (card stock or Bristol)
solid card stock
textured or patterned paper
blank greeting card & envelope
glue or paper paste and brush **
fine-tip black pen (waterproof/archival ink)
watercolors or markers
regular scissors
decorative-edge scissors
craft knife with swivel blade or #11 blade
double-sided foam tape
sparkly craft glue

** Double-sided tape may be used in place of the glue and brush for this project (it's less messy!).


1. Draw a sassy little purse shape with pencil and trace with black pen. Color the purse with watercolors or markers and let dry. Cut out the image using the scissors or craft knife.


2. Cut a rectangle (approximately 2" x 3") from a piece of the colored card stock and glue onto a piece of textured or patterned paper. Cut around the rectangle shape with scissors that have a decorative edge. Adhere to the front center of the blank greeting card.

3. Cut a small square of the foam tape (no bigger than the purse shape) and stick the purse to the center of the rectangle shape on the card.


4. Add a sequin to the front of the purse and then add a dot of sparkly craft glue to hide the hole in the sequin. Add some fun text to the inside of the card and give to a friend!

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