Pumpkin Fall Party Favors

Send home little treats in paper pumpkins to add extra fun to your fall party.

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These sweet party favors are simple to create and so fun to share! They're easy enough for kids to make, but children and grown ups will both enjoy tearing open this little pumpkins to find the sweet treats inside. Make them for your next fall or Halloween party and send them home as little gifts.


For your pumpkin party favors all you need is tissue paper, scissors, glue and something to fill your pumpkins with. If you are going to use loose candy, like candy corn, you may also want little plastic bags to keep the candy fresh.

Start With Circles

The first step to making your pumpkin party favors is tracing circles. To make this step quick and easy, trace something round like a plate or the lid of a coffee can. Your circles don't need to be perfect, so don't worry about tracing too precisely. You can use any size circle you like, but keep in mind your finished pumpkin will be about a fifth of the size of your original circle. A circle with a 5" diameter can only fit 3 or 4 candy corns in it, while a circle with a 12" diameter will make a pumpkin about the size of a softball.

Cutting Shapes

Once you've traced your circles you can cut them out. Again, don't worry too much about precision. We suggest using two layers of tissue paper, a yellow circle for the inside of your pumpkin and an orange circle for the outside. This will make it look more like pumpkin when it is torn open later. You will also need some long strips of green tissue paper and you may want a few heart shaped pumpkin leaves.

Stuffing The Pumpkin

When your circles are cut, layer two of them with an orange circle on the bottom and a yellow on top. Place your party favors in the center of the circle. You can use candy, toys or any other treats you like to fill your pumpkins. If you want to seal your candy in a plastic bag before stuffing, this is the time to do it.

Shaping the Pumpkin

Put a little bit of glue around the edge of your circle and begin bunching it together in the center above your treats. You can use a glue stick or just regular white glue, whatever you feel more comfortable with. Your hands will probably get a little sticky here, so it might be a good idea to keep some wet wipes handy.

Twist the Top

When you've gathered the edges of your circles together in the center, give them a twist to keep them together. Let this twist of tissue paper stick up: it will become the base for your pumpkin's stem.

Creating the Stem

Take a long strip of green tissue paper and glue one end to the twist at the top of your pumpkin. Wrap the green around and up the twist, gluing as you go.

Finishing Your Pumpkin

Finish off the stem by twisting the green strip around itself and shape into a spiral. You can make your stems long or short, fat or thin, depending upon your preference.

Add a Jack-o'-Lantern Face

You can turn your pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns by cutting faces out of black tissue paper and gluing the faces to your pumpkins. Just be careful not to use too much glue when adding the faces, if the black tissue paper gets too wet it may bleed into the orange.

Making a Vine

You can add an extra fun touch to your pumpkins by creating a vine for them to grow off of. Take 3 long strips of green tissue paper and twist them together, gluing as you go.

Add Pumpkins

Once your vine is complete, glue your pumpkin stems along the vine. Add a few heart shaped leaves to create your own pumpkin patch. Your guests can pick their pumpkin straight off the vine before they leave.

Potpourri Pumpkin

If you'd like to give more permanent gifts, or keep a pumpkin around for yourself, you can fill your pumpkins with potpourri instead of candy. Choose your favorite fall scents and add a bit of tissue paper if you need extra stuffing to fill out the inside of your pumpkin. Consider creating larger pumpkins for potpourri and display them where you can enjoy the color and the lovely smell.

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