Porcelain Light Fixture

Leo Peck creates a contemporary metal and porcelain light fixture.


Leo Peck followed a traditional path to learn the craft of pottery. Today his work is anything but traditional. His fascination with architectural design and a love for making functional pieces led him to shift his focus to creating mosaic-like tile tabletops, waterfalls and fireplaces. His outgoing personality is translated into his whimsical and colorful tile designs. Leo makes a contemporary metal and porcelain light fixture.

Materials and Tools:

cone 10 porcelain clay
squeeze bottle
cone 10 green glaze
steel tubing
metal primer
rubberized auto coating
spray paint
auto body bondo
50/50 vinegar and water mixture in spray bottle
under-the-counter fluorescent lights
screws and nuts for mounting
1/2" rubber pads
light cord
colored caulking
E-6000 glue
safety glasses and welding face shield
welding torch
welding gloves
slab roller
rectangular "cookie cutter" tool
rectangular stencil divided into 6 panes
bucket of water
paint sprayer
respirator mask
lacquer thinner



Note: This project is very complex with an enormous amount of equipment needed: welding equipment, sandblasting machine, kiln. No measurements were provided for the size of the clay tiles or the metal frame.


Porcelain Tiles

1. Wedge and cut the clay. Feed the clay through a slab roller and let dry.

2. Cut out five rectangular tiles using a pre-made rectangular "cookie cutter" tool and let air dry to a bone-dry state, about seven days.

3. Sand and water-wipe the edges, then pencil in lines from the stencil.



4. Brush lacquer onto the border edges and the crossbars of the panes. Drizzle on a design within each pane of each rectangle using lacquer from a squeeze bottle and let dry.



5. Spray the clay rectangles with a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and water solution. Wipe with a wet sponge as this will etch the clay where there is no lacquer. When dry, repeat this step two more times.

6. Bisque fire tiles in kiln for 12 hours.

7. Sand off the lacquer residue with sandpaper. Glaze the tiles with green glaze and a paint sprayer. Wear eye protection and a respirator mask while glazing. Glaze fire the tiles.

8. Sand blast the tiles using a sandblasting machine.



Metal Frame

1. Measure and cut the steel, then wipe clean with lacquer thinner. Grind the steel ends and the surface.

2. Weld the frame together and drill holes for hanging.

3. Weld metal supports for the tile onto the frame. Grind weld and clean with lacquer thinner.

4. Mix and apply bondo onto the metal frame.

5. Sand the metal frame and wipe clean with lacquer thinner.



6. Spray with a primer, then with an automotive coating and let dry. Sand lightly.

7. Spray desired paint color onto frame.

8. Mount lighting brackets and insert light.

9. Set the rubber-mounting brackets.

Website: www.pecktile.com

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