Play With Your Food: Turtle

Create a tasty sea turtle using sweet and sour fruit!

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Sea Turtle Fun!

This brightly colored sea turtle is simple and fun to create using grapes and a lime.

Get Your Supplies

To make your turtle you will need a lime, red grapes and green grapes. You will also need a paring knife and a vegetable peeler. Ask a grown-up for help when you are using the paring knife and peeler.

Create the Shell

Begin by slicing a lime in half to create your turtle's shell.

Make Room for the Head

Cut a scoop out of the rounded end of your lime half. This is where you will place your turtle's head. (If there is a pointy end on your lime, leave it for a tail!)

Make a Place for Flippers

Cut four small triangles, two from each side of the lime. These will hold your turtle's flippers, so space them fairly evenly.

Quarter Your Grape

Cut a red grape into quarters, and slide one corner of each section into the triangles you cut for the flippers.

Give your Turtle a Head

Cut a green grape in half, and slide it into the scooped shape to give your turtle a head.

Pattern your Shell

Finish by using your vegetable peeler to scrape a pattern into the shell of your turtle. For ours we created ten sections, five down each side of the shell, but experiment and have fun! (If you find this part difficult, try creating the pattern before cutting your lime in half.)

All Done!

Your sea turtle is complete! Be sure to try squeezing a little lime juice on your extra grapes for a refreshing treat!

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