Play With Your Food: Owl

This silly owl is fun to make and yummy to eat.

Hoo's Hungry?

This fruity owl may not look very wise, but he is so cute it's hard not to smile while you make him.


To make your owl you will need: a ripe pineapple/a radish/two grapes/two raisins and three toothpicks. You will also need a paring knife for a grown up to use.

Pluck the Leaves

Begin by pulling about half of the leaves from the top of the pineapple. The leaves that are left will be the feathers on top of your owl's head, so leave as many or as few as you like.

Make the Face

Create your owl's face by cutting an oval shape off of one side of the pineapple, near the top.

Cut the Eyes

To make your owl's eyes cut both ends off of a couple of grapes to create a flat, round disk.

Place the Eyes

Place the grape slices onto your owl's face. Don't worry if they slip: you will reinforce them in the next step.

Add the Raisins

Use toothpicks to attach a raisin to the center of each eye. If your pineapple is not ripe enough to push the toothpick all the way in, you may need to cut it in half.

Shape the Beak

Next, cut a radish in half, then trim the half into a diamond shape to create your owl's beak.

Attach the Beak

Use a toothpick to attach the beak to the owl's face.

Begin the Wings

Now that your owl's face is done, make cuts on either side of your pineapple where you want the wings to go. Try to angle your cuts slightly upward.

Add the Wings

Slide a leaf you removed from the top of the pineapple into each of the cuts to add the wings. Experiment with which way you put the leaves in: you can make your wings point out or down, depending on which side is up.

Finishing Touches

Place two extra leaves under your owl's body, letting the tips stick out to create feet.

All Done!

Your owl is now complete. Don't forget to savor the aroma of fresh cut pineapple. You might even need a slice!

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